Heel Care - Simple Tips

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Heel Care - Simple Tips
Heel Care - Simple Tips

Video: Heel Care - Simple Tips

Video: Heel Care - Simple Tips
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Heel care is very important, because beauty is a complex concept and it is impossible to be beautiful in just one thing. Home heel care is available to every woman and should become a habit.

Heel Care - Simple Tips
Heel Care - Simple Tips

Beauty is a whole concept, you cannot be beautiful in parts, for example, have a well-groomed face, but at the same time not take care of your hair. And in this context, our legs, which we completely undeservedly forget, deserve special attention. Particularly eye-catching is the rough heels with cracked skin.

Reasons for cracked heels

The most common cause of rough skin and cracked heels is improper care. In this case, the problem is solved literally within a few weeks with the help of compresses, lotions and various baths. However, there are other causes of cracked heels:

  • metabolic disease;
  • avitaminosis;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • hormonal disruptions.

How to get rid of rough heels

Of course, the easiest, but at the same time, the most expensive way to get rid of rough skin on the heels is to go to the beauty salon - there professionals will help you solve almost all problems. But do not rush to regular pedicure trips, because there are reliable folk remedies for heel care.

Baths are considered to be the most effective procedure for coarsening of the skin. Of course, the optimal composition of them should be selected individually, but we will give the simplest, universal recipe. The ingredients for such a bath are almost always at hand - milk, soap and table salt. So, to prepare the bath, you will need - a glass of milk, the same amount of thick soapy water and three tablespoons of table salt. Stir the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl of hot water and keep the legs there for an hour, at least 40-45 minutes.

Then carefully peel off the steamed top layer with a pumice stone. In this case, you should not rush and try to clean off as much as possible. Also, do not use a blade for cutting - this can provoke the opposite process and, on the contrary, the skin will begin to grow faster.

A fairly effective remedy for hardened skin on the heels is a mask of egg yolk, potato starch (half a teaspoon) and lemon juice (a teaspoon). It is necessary to apply such a remedy on the heels after they have been thoroughly steamed. And after application, you will have to wait until the product dries, and only then rinse off.

The simplest remedy for the laziest of the fair sex is to rub olive oil into the heels after the foot baths. This affordable remedy will help you to make the skin on your heels soft and soft.