How To Place An Order Avon

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How To Place An Order Avon
How To Place An Order Avon

Video: How To Place An Order Avon

Video: How To Place An Order Avon
Video: How to Place Your Avon Order, Invoice Customers, and Get Paid by Avon 2023, December

Placing orders with Avon has been made easier thanks to the internet. Now there is no need to fill out paper documents and carry them to the office. You can, without leaving your home, send orders in 3-4 steps and then only receive them at a post office convenient for you.

How to place an order Avon
How to place an order Avon


Step 1

To place the orders you have collected, visit the website If you are entering the portal for the first time, but you are a representative, then register on it, get your computer number and create your own password. Write them down or remember them, they will be needed every time you visit the site.

Step 2

Select the "Representatives" link in the upper right corner of the home page. It will redirect you to the appropriate section, where you will need to enter the number and password and click the "Login" button.

Step 3

On the page that opens, there is a black navigation bar, on it and select the "Place an order" or "My orders / place an order" button. A new section will be loaded, in which you must check the boxes: advertising campaign (usually it is selected automatically), order type (there is a choice between regular and paid urgent) and client.

Step 4

If this is your first time submitting an order this way, then it is possible that you do not have registered customers. You can enter their names using the "Add customer" button or leave everything under your own name. This practically does not affect anything, but gives you a visual distribution of all orders in the invoice for each person individually.

Step 5

Click the "Start Order" button. Further on the next page, you can select different types: fast, regular or catalog. On the same page there is a link to the training video course "How to Place an Order".

Step 6

The quick way will allow you to drive the codes of the required products and their quantity into the table, the usual one - also check the selected objects with the search button (magnifying glass in the table row). In the electronic catalog, you need to click on any desired product and select the "Add to order" button in the pop-up window. Choose for yourself which method is convenient for you.

Step 7

Immediately below the spreadsheet, click the "Save order" button and on the same page, but in the lower section, check the box for the number of catalogs you need. Usually a choice is offered between the catalogs of the current and future advertising campaigns, automatically a tick is placed on the new catalog in the amount of 5 pieces. And at the very bottom of the page, select Continue.

Step 8

On the next three pages, you will be asked to select business accessories, trial products, and sale products. If you are interested in them, click "Add to order", select the quantity, and the "Continue" button below. If you are not interested, then press the last button each time.

Step 9

Please read the last order page carefully. Here you will be asked to choose the method of delivery, enter the data of the authorized person who can pick it up, check the place of receipt of the products. Also, here you can check the account, the availability of the selected funds in the warehouse and put down the checkboxes of agreement with the terms of the company. Once you have checked everything, click the "Submit" button. By mail, you will receive a notification from the company that the order has been accepted.