Cosmetics For Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Myths And Reality

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Cosmetics For Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Myths And Reality
Cosmetics For Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Myths And Reality

Video: Cosmetics For Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Myths And Reality

Video: Cosmetics For Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Myths And Reality
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Advertising companies of manufacturers inspire the hope of quick getting rid of such a natural process as the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area. However, practical experience shows that anti-wrinkle products are not so perfect.

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What anti-wrinkle products do not produce the desired effect

Botox is able to neutralize fine wrinkles, but only in the form of injections. The introduction of Botox into the cream is unjustified, since the substance is not able to penetrate into muscle tissue. The highly publicized hyaluronic acid should be used in the same way.

Manufacturers often glorify the effect obtained from products containing extracts of black caviar, as well as seaweed. In fact, these ingredients have a moisturizing effect, so dry skin can be smoothed out after using them. However, less expensive cosmetics can be used with the same result.

The elasticity of the skin is largely dependent on the presence of collagen. The level of the necessary substance increases under the influence of vitamin C. It is worth noting that the best result can be seen if you introduce foods rich in vitamin C into your diet. Creams with its content do not have any effect on wrinkles.

By the way, the modern woman is well aware of the positive effects of elastin and collagen on the skin. This is what advertisers shamelessly use. Creams saturated with these ingredients are very popular. Only women do not take into account that collagen and elastin molecules are too large and unable to penetrate the epithelial layer. Another disadvantage of using these cosmetics is that these substances lead to blockage of veins and inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Alpha hydroxy acids are designed to rejuvenate the skin by eliminating the top layer of cells. As a result, the skin remains completely defenseless against the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Such an effect can have a devastating effect on the epithelium.

Cream with 2-dimethylaminoethanol enlarges cells by expanding intracellular cavities. Therefore, the skin is smoothed. Alas, the effect of the cream does not differ in duration. A few hours later, a marked slowdown in the process of cell division begins, as well as their death.

The placenta is able to rejuvenate the skin, as it contains hormonal substances. However, they are also the cause of hormonal imbalance with the regular use of cosmetics. Currently, there are practically no placenta creams available. Its use in the production of cosmetics is prohibited.

Previously, it was thought that liposomes are able to repair the cell membrane, which becomes too thin during aging. Subsequently, it turned out that there is no difference in membrane thickness between young and old skin cells. Therefore, liposome products are useless.

Albumin really smoothes the skin. However, the positive result is simply explained: the substance creates a special film on the surface of the face, but does not get rid of wrinkles.

How to improve the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle products

Most often, the effect of smoothing wrinkles is due to the presence of moisture necessary for the skin. Therefore, in most cases, it is enough to use moisturizers and nourishing creams to maintain the health of your own skin.

You can increase their effect by adhering to a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol-containing products. To keep your skin looking youthful, you need to devote enough time to sleep and walking in the fresh air. In addition, it is worth drinking more water and introducing foods rich in vitamins in the diet.