Where To Get The Tattoo

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Where To Get The Tattoo
Where To Get The Tattoo

Video: Where To Get The Tattoo

Video: Where To Get The Tattoo

The fashion for tattoos has been around for a long time. If earlier tattooing skill was associated with ugly blue tattoos, now it is a real art. They get tattoos in a wide variety of places - on the back, arms, lower back and even on the face.

Where to get the tattoo
Where to get the tattoo

Back tattoo

The back is truly a space for tattoo lovers. A large and fairly flat area allows you to make large-scale tattoo compositions. Popular places for drawings are the shoulder blades, spine and lower back. It is rather painful to get a tattoo on the shoulder blade or along the vertebrae, since the bone in these places is directly under the skin, and the fat layer is very small, but it is very unlikely that the pattern will be deformed in the future. Tattoos on the lower back are done mainly by women, but earlier a tattoo in this place meant that a girl was a representative of an ancient profession. Large tattoos that cover the upper back are also popular. But due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body, it is quite difficult to make a tattoo there.

A tattoo on the back is hard enough to heal, but caring for it can be difficult.

Tattoo on arm

Brutal men pierce a pattern on the bicep, fragile girls - on the wrist, and informals who want to stand out get a tattoo sleeve over their entire arm. A tattoo on the shoulder is done quickly enough. There is good muscle and body fat, which makes the procedure less painful. But before you get a tattoo on your wrist, you should think about it. The picture in this place can "float", and one part of it often becomes lighter than the other. A temporary henna tattoo on the wrist would be the best option. A sleeve tattoo can look spectacular and beautiful if you choose a good artist. However, it is difficult to imagine how much such a large-scale work will cost.

Tattoos on individual fingers are also popular. There, rings or inscriptions are depicted along the entire length of the finger.

Drawing on the leg

The most popular place for a tattoo on the leg is the ankle. Here they make inscriptions, tattoo bracelets, hieroglyphs, various signs that make sense for the owner. The drawing in this place should be small, and the details should be large, so that from afar the tattoo does not merge into one spot. Tattoos in the area of the foot also look beautiful and delicate, but this area is quite painful. Both men and women do tattoos on the thigh, but with age, the skin can become flabby - keep this in mind. Caviar is much less susceptible to changes, and there is also a rather thick fat layer here.

Unusual places for tattoos

Despite the increased popularity of neck tattoos, this place is still unusual. Girls especially love tattoos on their necks - after all, the drawing can be hidden under long hair, and when the time is right, make an elegant knot and show the world your beautiful tattoo. On the neck, small inscriptions, quotes or drawings are often stuffed - a cross, a swallow, a heart.

Fashion for shaved temples brought a new trend to the world of tattoos - drawings on the head. Stuffing a tattoo on the skull is painful enough, however, without a doubt, such a masterpiece will attract everyone's attention.

One of the most extreme tattoos is the images on the eyelids. It is very painful, expensive, and fraught with serious complications. However, the number of people who want to get an unusual tattoo is growing. In terms of the degree of extremeness, such a tattoo can only be compared with a drawing on the tongue - this kind of art is preferred only by the most notorious extreme people.