Fake Fragrances: Common

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Fake Fragrances: Common
Fake Fragrances: Common

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Recently, cases of fake expensive fragrances have become more frequent. Now it has become widespread. To avoid acquiring a fake, you need to know a number of important rules that should be followed when choosing a perfume.

Fake Fragrances: Common
Fake Fragrances: Common

Counterfeiting expensive fragrances

Recently, people increasingly have to deal with such a widespread phenomenon as counterfeiting of perfumery and cosmetic products. For unscrupulous manufacturers, this business is very profitable. They manage to sell their goods at a fairly high price, despite the fact that its cost is minimal.

Experts have repeatedly noted that they mainly counterfeit the fragrances of well-known companies. Such products are in high demand among buyers.

Currently, two types of counterfeits can be distinguished. The first category of counterfeit goods is practically no different from the original. Unscrupulous manufacturers try to make perfumes in such a way that it is not immediately possible to detect a fake. This activity is illegal.

The production of the second category of counterfeit products is perfectly legal. In fact, it cannot even be called a fake. Manufacturers copy the fragrance itself, the design of the bottle, but at the same time they change one or several letters in the name of a well-known manufacturer. This is how the fragrances of Chanell and Lancom enter the shelves instead of the world famous Chanel and Lancome. You should definitely pay attention to this when visiting a perfume shop.

How to buy original and high quality perfume

To purchase truly quality perfume from the original manufacturer, you only need to shop in specialized stores. You cannot buy such products in the market, in supermarkets.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the goods, you can ask the seller for a certificate of conformity for the product. The certificate must have an original seal, which can be distinguished from a color photocopy by carefully examining the document. If the original certificate of conformity is not available, the purchase of perfume should be abandoned.

You should not buy goods whose cost is significantly lower than the cost of similar goods presented in other stores. Very often the price of fake perfumes is deliberately lowered in order to attract a buyer.

Before going to the store, it is advisable to study the information about the fragrance of interest on the official website of the manufacturer, to study in more detail how the perfume packaging should look, how the name of the fragrance is spelled correctly, whether there are holograms on the original box. This makes it possible to compare all of the above characteristics with the characteristics of those perfumes that are presented in the store.

When examining the product, you need to pay attention to the barcode embossed on the perfume box. The barcode of an original French perfume must start with the number "3".

Bottles with branded perfumes, as a rule, are packed in boxes covered with protective film. Before buying, you should pay attention to the quality of the cardboard from which the packaging is made, to the clarity of all the labels affixed to it by the manufacturer. The protective film must be well stretched, and no traces of glue can be seen on it.

If there is no protective film and it is possible to carefully open the box and evaluate the bottle itself, you need to pay attention to the absence of any defects and the color of the aromatic liquid. Bottles with branded perfumes should be made of quality glass. There should be no chips or scratches on the glass and lid. If you can see sediment at the bottom of the bottle, then most likely, such perfume is fake.

Before buying, it is advisable to test the fragrance on yourself using an appropriate sample. You can evaluate the quality of perfumery and its durability only after a few hours after application. That is why experts advise not to rush into the purchase, but to wait until the base notes of the fragrance are revealed.

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