How To Distinguish Fake Eau De Toilette From Original

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How To Distinguish Fake Eau De Toilette From Original
How To Distinguish Fake Eau De Toilette From Original

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Perfumery gives the female image harmony and special charm, and for every life situation there can be its own fragrance. You cannot save on good eau de toilette. But how to protect yourself from counterfeiting and not throw away a round sum in vain, especially since no one in a large store is insured against poor-quality goods? To distinguish fake eau de toilette from the original, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to distinguish fake eau de toilette from original
How to distinguish fake eau de toilette from original

Store reputation

Buying perfumes from hands, from trays, on the market, in an online store - there is a big risk of getting a fake instead of the original eau de toilette. You should look for a branded fragrance in a branded store with a proven reputation, and in the future become its regular customer.

Declaration of Conformity

At the first request, a self-respecting seller will present the corresponding declaration of conformity to the buyer of the eau de toilette. In the document, you can find information about the country in which this product was produced, the distributor and the manufacturer.

You can find the relevant data in the Unified Register of completed and registered declarations of conformity. A trusted distributor of branded perfumes can also display a certificate for eau de toilette obtained through voluntary certification.


The cost price of a quality perfume is rather high. Experts emphasize: the price of the original eau de toilette cannot be twice as low as the real one. Unfortunately, counterfeiting can also be expensive. In any case, too large discounts on the product should alert the buyer.


Before purchasing eau de toilette, it is recommended to study the appearance of the packaging and bottle on the official website of the manufacturer. After taking a sample of the packaged product in the store, you need to carefully examine it. The original has:

- the film wrapper is thin and fits snugly to the box;

- the seams are perfectly smooth and connected by a thermal method, and not with glue;

- stamp-sticker in the form of a rectangle or circle on the top or bottom side of the box;

- the box is attractive, made of fairly thick cardboard;

- the color of the box is pleasant, the inscriptions are clear;

- the bottle does not dangle inside.

On the packaging of the original eau de toilette it is written when the perfume was made, how long it is stored and what is its composition. In addition, the place of production of eau de toilette is indicated there, for example, "Made in France".


On the box of original eau de toilette, you can see letters and numbers indented - the so-called batch code with information about the expiration date of the product and the date of its release. Special services such as,, help decryption.

The authenticity of the perfume and the country of manufacture will help to establish the barcodes. Hand-held scanners, special applications for smartphones, help to read them. The necessary information can also be found on the Internet, for example, at,

The decoding of the barcode sometimes shows inconsistencies in the data, since the company may have subsidiaries in one or more states. It should also be remembered that the application of a barcode is not a prerequisite for manufacturers, its absence on the packaging of eau de toilette does not always indicate a fake.


After purchasing eau de toilette, you can unpack the product and carefully examine the bottle. It should have exactly the same batch code as on the box. The original perfume also has:

- glass bottle with clear letters and numbers;

- if it is colored, then it is not painted on the outside;

- does not contain flaws like bubbles in its thickness;

- the lid is non-metallic, firmly ground to the neck;

- paint is not erased or crumbled anywhere;

- In the new bottle there is no more free space than 4% of the volume;

- the spray pipe is invisible in the liquid, the base does not rotate;

- when shaking, bubbles appear, which do not disappear immediately, but after 10-15 seconds;

- liquid of pleasant dull color, corresponds to the sample on the manufacturer's website, eau de toilette does not contain turbidity and sediment.


You can use a store tester to assess the top notes of an eau de toilette scent. Next, be sure to put a small amount of perfume on your wrist, because after 15 minutes the middle notes should open up. A sign of the originality of eau de toilette is its durability up to 2-4 hours and a scent trail that opens only a few hours after application to the skin.


If the buyer has done all the independent testing of eau de toilette, but still doubts the authenticity of an expensive purchase, there is a reliable way to check the goods - an independent examination. The centers of expertise, assessment, research and certification will help to identify counterfeit perfumes. However, the average cost of such a service, according to 2018 data, is 12-15,000 rubles. Perhaps the game is not worth the candle, and it is better to look for a brand store with a proven reputation and carefully consider the choice of exquisite flavors.

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