How To Choose A Quality Perfume

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How To Choose A Quality Perfume
How To Choose A Quality Perfume

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Do you want to buy a good perfume as a gift for a loved one? Do you know how to choose them? It turns out that this is not so easy.

How to choose a quality perfume
How to choose a quality perfume


Step 1

First, a few words about fakes. They come in several types, for example, copies. Their smell at first seems very close to the original, but after some time it will change to a very unpleasant one. Versions do not copy the packaging of the original; it often indicates that this is the version. Variations may be outwardly indistinguishable from the original, but take a closer look at the name - there will definitely be a mistake in it.

Step 2

Good perfume packaging will always be white and dense. Letters should be placed exactly in the line, paint is not smeared. The cellophane wrap should be undamaged and evenly taut, but even this is not a guarantee of the original. After all, those who are engaged in counterfeiting perfumes pay great attention to it.

Step 3

On the packaging should be the country of origin in the form of three words, say, Made in France. Be wary when you see the inscription "parfume" - the French do not write "e" in this word.

Step 4

The more complex the shape of the perfume bottle, the more difficult it is for those who are going to counterfeit it to repeat it. There should be no air bubbles in the glass or rough surface. The stopper should be made of glass and should seal the bottle well. The volume should be indicated in milliliters both on the package and on the bottle. A sticker on the bottom of the bottle instead of a stamp directly on the glass? This is probably a fake.

Step 5

Be sure to carefully examine the contents of the bottle. The liquid should have colors close to natural.

Step 6

Pay attention to the barcode too. Initial 2-3 digits - information about the country of origin. The 4-5 digits following them are the manufacturer's code. The next five will tell you the name and consumer properties of the product. The last digit is the check one.

Step 7

Now you need to add separately the numbers on the even places and on the odd ones. The last check digit is not taken into account. To the sum of the numbers in odd places, add the value obtained by multiplying the sum of the numbers in even places by 3. The last digit of the resulting sum should be subtracted from ten. Now take another look at the barcode. If this number coincides with the last number in the barcode, then the product is genuine.

Step 8

The shelf life of a good perfume, if it is not unsealed, is 1 year, and it is better not to buy perfume, which, as the manufacturer claims, can be stored for more than a year.

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