Which Perfume Is Suitable For Winter

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Which Perfume Is Suitable For Winter
Which Perfume Is Suitable For Winter

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Fragrances on the skin react differently to temperature changes and humidity. Thus, when choosing a new perfume in the store, you should think about what time of year you want to use it. Still, it is no coincidence that aromas are divided into winter and summer.

Which perfume is suitable for winter
Which perfume is suitable for winter

How to choose a winter perfume

Many people associate winter with snow and frosty freshness. It would seem that sales of fresh fragrances should grow in the cold season, but this is not happening. First of all, such a discrepancy is due to the fact that the top notes of the perfume evaporate more slowly in the cold, so the smell is distorted, "sounds sharper". This is not always pleasant, and sometimes even annoying. And, secondly, in winter, on the contrary, you want something warm and soft.

Experts recommend using floral-powdery or woody aromas in winter - warming, sensual, intense.

In addition, for the winter months, floral and fruity aromas are quite appropriate, reminiscent of hot summer days.

If you want to find a good scent for the winter, then you should consider the following rules:

In winter, the sense of smell weakens a little, so a perfume for this season should be chosen either in the warm season, or to give preference to saturated persistent aromas.

Winter spirits should induce vitality and help get rid of seasonal depression and blues.

A winter scent should have a sensual trail and be persistent enough. To prolong the durability of perfume, you should grease your wrists with cream, and then drip a little perfume on them.

Most Popular Winter Perfume Ingredients

Most often, the famous "noses" of our time add the following components to winter fragrances:

Spices. They give an interesting "sound" not only to culinary masterpieces, but also to perfume.

For example, notes of cardamom and clove make the scent more sensual and mysterious.

Nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon add a sweet, inviting scent to the perfume. The most popular "spicy" perfumes are Hypnotic by Christian Dior and Magnifique by Lancome.

Floral notes. Perfume with aromas of lily of the valley, jasmine, May rose, lotus, violet, mysterious ylang-ylang will become ideal "companions" for a cold winter and will remind you of a paradise vacation in warm countries.

Vanilla. Not only does the smell of vanilla set you up for a positive, playful mood, but it is also one of the aphrodisiacs. Vanilla perfumes are quite unobtrusive, they will well complement the elegant image of a young lady.

Woody notes. Perfumes with woody notes, such as Deep Red by Hogo Boss and For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, are devoid of frivolity and excessive coquetry. They are suitable for strong women who are not afraid to declare their independence to the whole world.

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