How To Cover Up Under Eye Circles

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How To Cover Up Under Eye Circles
How To Cover Up Under Eye Circles

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Circles under the eyes can appear for a variety of reasons. Fatigue, stress, excessive drinking, problems with the normal functioning of internal organs. Whatever the reason for the appearance of dark circles, they spoil the appearance pretty much. When there is no time to deal with the source of the problem, all that remains is to properly disguise the circles under the eyes.

How to cover up under eye circles
How to cover up under eye circles


Step 1

Before proceeding directly to masking dark circles under the eyes, do not be too lazy to use an instant mask or compress. Ready-made masks in the form of cream, gel or pads are sold in pharmacies and stores. If they are not at hand, use an old proven remedy - a compress from ordinary tea leaves. Brew tea stronger, moisten cotton pads abundantly and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. The same can be done with cottage cheese, wrapping it in gauze. Then rub the area around the eyes with an ice cube.

Step 2

Do not use only compact powder as a concealer. After all, it has to be applied more than intended, so it gives an unnatural effect. Get an anti-sulfur, a special product for masking dark circles under the eyes. Its pigments absorb the bluish tint and scatter light for a fresh look. Antisern, unlike other products, is created exclusively to combat under eye circles and is applied under the foundation, and not over it.

Step 3

If there is no antisulfur, use other decorative cosmetics. Circles under the eyes, as a rule, cannot be covered with ordinary foundation. The exception is specially developed bases of dense consistency, designed to hide pronounced defects. They can be found among the line of professional cosmetics and from some manufacturers of decorative cosmetics of the medical series.

Step 4

Use concealer - it absorbs the bluish color and does not dry out the delicate skin around the eyes. Its shade should be slightly lighter than the color of the foundation. For deeper correction and masking, use two shades of corrector. Some manufacturers sell ready-made two-in-one correctors.

Step 5

Blend any concealer thoroughly. It should be in a thin layer, otherwise you will get a mask effect, and it looks unnatural. Use lighter shadows for a fresher look. Use different shades of powder or blush to place the accents correctly, make the face more embossed and "lively" to distract the eyes from the circles under the eyes.

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