How To Choose The Right Cream For Black Circles Under The Eyes

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How To Choose The Right Cream For Black Circles Under The Eyes
How To Choose The Right Cream For Black Circles Under The Eyes

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The skin under the eyes needs special care. With stress, fatigue, black circles and bags appear, which many dream of getting rid of without surgery. Manufacturers offer different formulations to solve this problem.

How to get rid of black circles under the eyes
How to get rid of black circles under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is thin and sensitive. If its shade changes to a darker side, this indicates a health problem. The reason is lack of sleep, poor nutrition, non-compliance with the daily regimen. A cream for bags and bruises will help for a while. There are products that not only mask the problem, but also tighten, moisturize the skin, and eliminate black circles under the eyes.

When choosing an eye cream, consider the need to nourish the skin, moisturize, and protect. Regular oily-based care products are not suitable. It is heavy and will cause the delicate skin to stretch. This will cause new wrinkles to appear.

We study the composition

When choosing a cream for under-eye circles, the active ingredients are taken into account:

  • Hyaluronic acid Gives skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Vitamin K. Eliminates bruises by improving blood circulation and strengthening capillaries.
  • Vitamin C. Increases elasticity, protects against free radicals.
  • Coenzyme Q Improves metabolic processes, gives the dermis a healthy look.
  • Oils, fatty acids. Nourish the skin, relieve puffiness, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

In the composition, pay attention to the components that stimulate metabolic processes in tissues and promote cell polyfurcation

How to choose a medical cream for bags under the eyes

There are components with tonic properties: herbal extracts, caffeine. Manufacturers add additional medical components to the funds. The following drugs are used to treat blood vessels and veins. Treats Dark Circles Effectively:

Heparin. The carbohydrate portion of a complex protein containing sulfur. Leads with a decrease in blood clotting, platelet adhesion. Removes swelling and circles. When exposed to nicotinic acid, redness may appear at first. Bezornil. Relieves puffiness, heals microtrauma. It cannot be used for permanent use. Therefore, Bezornil is used by people who do not often use creams or who need emergency treatment for circles under the eyes. When used 2-3 times a week, the connective tissue framework of the eyelids is strengthened. Afulim. Ointment for cosmetic vein care. Strengthens blood vessels, restores metabolism. Contains coconut, cocoa, lavender, marjoram oil. Treatment for bags under the eyes should be comprehensive. The cotton swab is applied for 10 minutes for one month. After the procedure, the face is washed.

Doctors recommend using not only creams to combat dark circles and puffiness of the eyelids. After a course intake of Ascorutin, such problems disappear. It contains vitamins that have a positive effect on blood vessels. The effect after administration persists for a long time. Ascorutin reduces the fragility of blood vessels, increases the tone of the muscles of the venous vessels, and improves local blood flow.

Which remedy works well for under eye circles

All creams for bruises under the eyes are divided into several types. If you want a quick effect, use a whitening serum. It has a good cosmetic effect. Used after sleepless work, it helps to hide problems associated with malfunctioning of the kidneys. Special microparticles brighten the dermis, remove dryness. These remedies eliminate bruising associated with hyperpigmentation, not bumps.

Tightening products fight puffiness. Due to the effect on the deep layers of the dermis, it is used for complex treatment. Available in the form of serum, cream, gel.Depending on the composition, the first results are visible after application or after 5-7 days of regular use. Those who have not yet decided on the choice should take into account that with constant use it is easy to achieve a lasting effect.

Products with UV filters help to cope with dehydration and hyperpigmentation of the dermis. Suitable for those who want to choose a remedy for preventive purposes. Not suitable for treating under eye circles caused by kidney or heart disease.

For people who have bags and pears on the background of hormonal changes or diseases leading to inflammation of the fat layer, it is recommended to use a cream with a powerful formula that will increase the elasticity of the skin. Moisturizing gels, nourishing creams are like. Professional creams for edema will help get rid of bags under the eyes, reduce the severity of capillaries.

How to choose a brand of anti-dark circles cream?

Various companies produce a cream for dark circles. Its effectiveness is judged by reviews. Popular brands:

  • Vichy,
  • Garnier,
  • Mary Kay,
  • Shiseido,
  • Fresh Line.

One of the popular products is Vichy Idealia Eyes. It is worth choosing it for those who want to get quick results. Enough 1-2 weeks of use. The skin becomes healthy, bruises, swelling disappear. Contains thermal water, vitamin B3, caffeine, acids. Apply twice a week.

To choose a cream that has not been tested on animals, contact Mary Kay representatives. TimeWise® Anti-Dark Circles and Puffiness Serum contains an exclusive blend of ingredients. It cools, refreshes. Suitable for those who need to get the effect instantly. The serum is used by people who wear contact lenses.

Effective Shiseido Anti-Dark Circles Eye-Cream. Affects two causes of dark circles: excessive pigment build-up and poor circulation. It has a creamy structure of medium density. Contains pearlescent particles. Has a cumulative effect. Used every day. After 8 weeks of application, the skin tone is evened out.

Garner's Caffeine Roller is designed to combat signs of fatigue. The gel contains lemon extract with whitening properties. If you decide to choose a product with an immediate effect, use the "Caffeine Roller 2 in 1 Care + Concealer". It immediately masks bruises under the eyes, provides long-lasting coverage.

Fresh Line Esperidis is a serum that moisturizes the skin. Reduces puffiness, has an anti-inflammatory effect. The composition contains arnica extract, caffeine. The latter improves microcirculation. Suitable for all skin types.

Before applying any cream for bruises under the eyes, a make-up removal procedure is performed. The composition is applied with gentle tapping movements, without stretching the delicate skin. Do not rub in the cream or apply it in a thick layer. The presented products contain a large amount of biologically active components. Excessive amounts of double benefit will not do the trick.

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