How To Shrink Your Nose

How To Shrink Your Nose
How To Shrink Your Nose

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Owners of a large or too noticeable nose, of course, want to visually correct its shape. And this can be done without resorting to rhinoplasty. With the help of cosmetics, you can achieve amazing results - correct the shape of the eyes and nose, focus on the merits and mask some facial defects.

How to shrink your nose
How to shrink your nose

By mastering some simple makeup techniques, you can not only improve your appearance, but also increase your self-esteem. The secret is to play with the shape and visually reduce the nose with the help of dark and light shades.

1. In order to slightly change the shape of the nose, you will need tonal means of different shades. Take as a basis the shade that most closely matches the skin tone of the face. You will also need shades half a tone darker and half a tone lighter. The foundation should have a fairly dense structure, but at the same time look natural when applied.

2. To visually reduce a long nose, apply a dark tone to the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose. Eyelids highlighted with dark shadows will help to slightly reduce the length of the nose, however, it should be remembered that this should not violate the harmony of the face.

3. A thin light line drawn along its back will help to make a wide nose noticeably, on the sides of which you need to apply stripes of a darker shade. But at the same time, the transition from the cheek to the nose must be made almost imperceptible, and the difference between the lateral surface and the back of the nose, on the contrary, is palpable. Bright lipstick or applying dark shadows to the upper eyelid also helps to divert attention from an overly wide nose.

4. Just a large nose can be visually reduced by covering it with a tonal agent half a tone darker than the base one.

5. Visually reduce the nose will help shine, or shimmery powder applied to other parts of the face. For the same purpose, you can apply blush of bronze and orange shades to the protruding parts of the cheekbones and the tip of the nose.

6. Eyebrows have a noticeable effect on the visual perception of the nose. In particular, wide brows emphasize the nose, as well as overly narrow or straight brows. Better to give preference to semicircular or curved eyebrows.

7. Visually making the nose smaller helps and the correct haircut. If you have a large nose, you shouldn't wear short hair, it is better to stick with medium length hair.

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