How To Visually Reduce The Nose

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How To Visually Reduce The Nose
How To Visually Reduce The Nose

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Every appearance has its own flavor, and a large nose can become one of them. If you regard it as imperfection, there is an opportunity to remedy the situation with a few clever tricks.

How to visually reduce the nose
How to visually reduce the nose


Step 1

Before you start correcting the shape of the nose, get a few tonal means of different shades. The base shade is considered to be as close as possible to your complexion. In addition to it, you will need funds half a tone lighter and half a tone darker than the base one.

Step 2

At the same time, the texture of the foundation should be dense enough, light and translucent will not cope with such a task as visual correction of the shape of the nose.

Step 3

A large nose is completely covered with a darker tone for the purpose of visual reduction.

Step 4

If the nose is also wide, it is necessary to cover the bridge of the nose and the bridge of the nose with a light tone. Apply dark on the wings. If the nose is long, the bridge of the nose should be lightened and the tip darkened.

Step 5

When applying tonal creams, it is necessary to observe the smooth transitions of shades. To do this, soak a makeup sponge in water and remove excess cream. Apply some powder on top.

Step 6

The visual perception of your nose is greatly influenced by the appearance of your eyebrows. With a large nose, it is not recommended to have thick eyebrows; they attract attention to the central part of the face. Horizontal eyebrows and eyebrow strings are also contraindicated. It is better to give the eyebrows a beautiful bend or semicircular shape, pluck them to medium thickness.

Step 7

Alternatively, you can work on other parts of the face to visually enlarge them to match the nose. Use makeup to make your eyes big, lengthen the brow line. The accent in the eye and brow area really suits women with a large nose.

Step 8

A voluminous haircut will be an assistant if you have a large nose. It is better to leave the hair of medium length, but in individual cases, a short haircut is also suitable.

Step 9

In this case, the volume should be concentrated on the back of the head, and the face should be opened. For this reason, bouffants are good for owners of large noses. Lush curls will also look good.

Step 10

Give up the bangs, because covering the forehead is not recommended with a large nose. Only asymmetrical or very short bangs may work, but not long and lush ones. As for hair color, the most successful are light tones and non-standard bright shades.

Step 11

Women with large noses are even encouraged to do special exercises for the nose, which will help slightly adjust its shape. You need to pinch the tip of the nose with your fingers and pull it up, and lower the lower lip to the chin. It is argued that such an exercise can have a visible effect.

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