How To Change The Nose

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How To Change The Nose
How To Change The Nose

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Dissatisfaction with the shape of your nose is a common problem among girls and women, but it does not mean at all that you need to go to a plastic surgeon. Using tricks and tricks in choosing the right hairstyle and makeup, you can visually change the shape of your nose and hide its imperfections without surgery.

How to change the nose
How to change the nose


Step 1

The key element of your face that affects the visual perception of the rest of your face is your eyebrows. A gentle curl of medium brows will balance your facial features and smooth out the impression of an oversized nose.

Step 2

Also, a large nose can be made smaller if you focus on the eyes - make beautiful noticeable eyebrows, do bright and deep eye makeup, which visually increases their shape.

Step 3

Lip plumping lipstick can also reduce the size of your nose.

Step 4

If your nose is too large, do voluminous haircuts and lush hairstyles. It is best to have medium length hair, but if you have a short haircut, accentuate the volume at the back of your head to divert attention from the size of your nose and emphasize the advantages of lush hair.

Step 5

The absence of bangs and a combed-back hairstyle helps to smooth the size and shape of the nose - a short oblique or vice versa, even and fluffy "French" bangs will reduce the size of your face by hiding your forehead, which means it will visually enlarge your nose. If you really want to have a hairstyle with bangs, choose the rarest and shortest option, or brush the bangs to the side.

Step 6

To correct the shape of the nose, use foundation in three different shades in makeup - the natural color of your skin, a little darker and a little lighter. Apply a lighter shade to the bridge and bridge of the nose, and a darker shade to the wings and sides of the nose.

Step 7

Blend the boundaries between shades with a damp sponge.

Proper makeup will help to shift the emphasis from the nose to other parts of the face, as well as darken the wings of the nose, highlighting its middle part, and thereby, reducing it.

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