How To Draw An Arrow

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How To Draw An Arrow
How To Draw An Arrow

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Many stars who have earned the title of "style icon" are united by one characteristic feature. More precisely, not even a devil, but arrows on the eyelids. Without this element, it is almost impossible to imagine the image of Audrey Hepburn, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, gorgeous Michelle Mercier and others. With the help of correctly drawn arrows, even expressionless eyes can be turned into mysterious and alluring, like the eyes of a mermaid.

The brightest and most beautiful actresses have never appeared in public without arrows
The brightest and most beautiful actresses have never appeared in public without arrows

It is necessary

  • - eyeliner;
  • - mirror;
  • - cotton swab;
  • - liquid for removing eye make-up.


Step 1

First of all, choose a tool with which you will draw arrows. The best option is a pencil. And it is not at all necessarily black. Today, eyeliner that emphasizes the color of the eyes is in fashion. So, for example, eyes of golden color will "benefit" from the proximity of bronze or gray-green eyeliner, arrows of gray-blue, black, brown are shown in black. Black strokes are perfect for blue eyes. You can draw arrows with shadows, liquid, cream, or gel eyeliner. But for the first time, it is better to give preference to a soft pencil. Anyway, until you fill your hand.

Step 2

Before applying the arrows to the eyelid, try to draw a clear, continuous line on the paper. Draw a shape that resembles an eye, and try to trace it around the outline in one firm motion.

Step 3

Place a mirror in front of you, cover your eyes, and start applying the eyeliner. There are several ways to apply. First: draw a thin arrow, then make it thicker. Second: mark the "path" of the future arrow with dots, then draw a line along them. The arrow is always drawn as close to the lash line as possible. By the way, if your eyelashes at the roots are somewhat whitish, then they need to be painted over before applying the arrows.

Step 4

As for the shape of the arrows, it can be any, as well as the thickness (for example, a thin line starting at the inner corner of the eye gradually thickens towards the inner one). You can draw a clear graphic line, or you can softly shade the pencil to get blurry arrows. It all depends on your preferences and the shape of the eyes. The main rule: the tip of the arrow at the outer corner of the eye cannot "look" down, but must bend slightly towards the temple. It is important to remember that the arrow should not extend beyond the edge of the eyelid by more than 0.5 cm (unless, of course, you are going to a masquerade).

Step 5

The final touch is correction. Examine the arrows drawn carefully. If there are blemishes, remove them with a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover. Well, if the lines are not entirely straight, then apply a little shadow over them and blend. Now you are irresistible.

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