The Benefits And Harms Of Powder

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The Benefits And Harms Of Powder
The Benefits And Harms Of Powder

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Powder is an essential part of daytime and evening makeup. It evens out the complexion, gives completeness to the make-up, and to the skin - matte. How does frequent use of powder affect the skin? What is its benefit or harm?

The benefits and harms of powder
The benefits and harms of powder

What is the difference between powders?

What harm or what benefit the powder will bring to your skin depends primarily on its quality. Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly thinking about including the most useful substances in the powder and replacing those that negatively affected the skin with safer ones. Poor-quality powder of dubious manufacturers still contains silicones, nylon - synthetic substances that interfere with the normal breathing of the skin, dehydrate it and also clog pores. Better powders are made on the basis of talcum powder, which is not as harmful to the skin. However, the appearance of mineral powder has become a real revolution in decorative cosmetics. How does it differ from its predecessors?

Before buying a powder, be sure to study its composition, or even better - study online forums with reviews and study each ingredient.

Mineral powder - benefits and disguises

Mineral powder can not only make your makeup perfect and give a matte finish to the face, but also significantly improve the condition of your skin. The mineral powder contains an active ingredient - zinc oxide, which fights rashes and inflammations due to its powerful antiseptic properties. It does not dry out the skin, and the zinc oxide powder can be used by girls even with sensitive skin. And for the owners of oily and problem skin, this is a real gift! What could be better than a combination of decorative and healing effects?

Another great ingredient in mineral powder is titanium dioxide. This component is an excellent protector from the sun's rays and its effect is equal to that of a cream with SPF factor 15. What could be better for a hot summer day, when you do not want to overload your face with sticky creams, but you need to give a matte finish with powder and also protect skin from ultraviolet radiation? Titanium dioxide also provides the powder with an even application and an even natural shade.

Some manufacturers prefer to add additional beneficial substances to the mineral powder: for example, amethyst or aquamarine.

Unlike ordinary powder of the old generation, mineral powder does not clog pores, it is applied to the skin in a very thin layer due to the fact that its particles do not stick to each other. At the same time, the mineral powder evens out the skin color well and hides minor imperfections, without creating the effect of an unnatural mask on the face.

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