How To Make Up Your Face Beautifully

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How To Make Up Your Face Beautifully
How To Make Up Your Face Beautifully

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Most of us cannot do the same amazing makeup as a professional makeup artist, even if we try very hard and use the most expensive cosmetics. While the quality of your cosmetics is very important, knowing how to apply it correctly is even more important. The secret of beautiful makeup is not only in the cosmetics of famous brands, but also in using the right techniques.

How to make up your face beautifully
How to make up your face beautifully


Step 1

Mask under eye circles to remove signs of fatigue. To do this, apply a corrective product. It should be slightly lighter than the skin tone. At the same time, the pink shade of the concealer will hide the bluish shadows, and the golden one will give shine.

Step 2

Contour the lips with a neutral color pencil, then fill in the delineated space with lip gloss if you want fullness and sensuality. You can use lipstick on your lips, but then apply a lot of shine to the middle of your lips for fullness. To keep your lips looking natural, paint them with your finger, patting them lightly. And if you want to keep the color on your lips for a long time, use a long-lasting lipstick. After application, blot it with a napkin, and then fix the color with glitter.

Step 3

Curl your lashes with tongs after the mascara is completely dry. If you want to make your lashes appear longer, first apply mascara to the ends, and then paint over the entire length of the lashes. In this case, first paint over the lower eyelashes, and then the upper.

Step 4

Tint the area under the eyebrows with light shadows, then they will appear more curved, and the eyes - more expressive. To keep your brows looking well-groomed, comb them carefully before a date or a party and secure them with clear mascara or fixing gel.

Step 5

Use a foundation shade darker than your skin if you wish to reshape your nose. To do this, apply a dark base to the wings of the nose to make it appear thinner and more graceful. To make the nose look shorter, apply some foundation to the tip.

Step 6

Define the face with blush on the cheekbones. To do this, cover the space under the cheekbones with a dark shade of blush, and above the cheekbones with a light shade of blush. Thanks to this contrast, the cheekbones protrude slightly, which visually lengthens the face.

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