How To Do Permanent Makeup

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How To Do Permanent Makeup
How To Do Permanent Makeup

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Permanent make-up or tattooing is the subcutaneous injection of a special coloring pigment to create various types of lip, eyelid and eyebrow makeup. Also, permanent makeup technology is used to mask scars, burns and other skin imperfections.

How to do permanent makeup
How to do permanent makeup

It is necessary

  • - qualified specialist;
  • - anesthetic;
  • - makeup palette;
  • - a special ointment or cream for post-tattoo skin treatment.


Step 1

Dyes are injected into the upper layer of the epidermis to a depth of 0.3-0.5 mm. Makeup is temporary, as after a few years the paint will fade and dissolve in the skin cells.

Step 2

Permanent make-up is a painful and very laborious procedure, so it should be done only in specialized salons from masters who have received the appropriate license.

Step 3

To begin with, the area to be applied is numbed. If you are allergic to any medications, then you must warn the master about this in advance.

Step 4

Then, using a special machine with paint, the first contour line is applied. This is a very crucial moment: if you sit restlessly or the master's hand twitches, the line will come out uneven.

Step 5

After the contour is filled, its more detailed drawing begins. If you are planning on getting your lips tattooed, then the next step can be shading, which will give your lips a different color. Feathering may coincide with the color of the contour, or it may be of a different shade - it all depends on the wishes of the client and the recommendations of the master.

Step 6

After the procedure, a special ointment or gel is applied to the drawn area, which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties. If lip tattooing was done, then after 15 minutes the ointment is removed with a sterile napkin, and a special emollient balm is applied to the lips.

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