Correctly Painted Lips - Pledge Of Kisses

Correctly Painted Lips - Pledge Of Kisses
Correctly Painted Lips - Pledge Of Kisses
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Most men do not tolerate the taste and smell of lipstick. But, nevertheless, the owners of sexy plump, brightly painted lips attract the eyes of any man. The secret is that bright lips subconsciously tell a man about the excellent health of a woman, as a continuer of the family. Therefore, skillfully painted lips may well help find the right man.

Correctly painted lips are a guarantee of kisses
Correctly painted lips are a guarantee of kisses

You can ruin everything by choosing the wrong lipstick. She can outwardly age a woman, give a bad shade to the skin of the face and the whiteness of the teeth. Modern make-up professionals always hit with a lipstick shade. It is easy to define it: you just need to correlate eye color, skin tone and hair color with the seasons of nature.

Winter: black hair, fair skin. Blue / gray / brown eyes. The lipstick of a winter woman is very bright: from beetroot to scarlet, it is possible to add mother-of-pearl, but the main tone should be clean.

Spring women: light hair color, fair skin. The eyes are blue and gray. Lipstick with mother-of-pearl, possibly lilac, rose, plum, brown.

Summer women: light brown hair colors, delicate facial skin. Gray / green eyes. Lipstick should be lilac or rose color.

Autumn: reddish hair, soft peach skin tone. The eyes are brown / green. An orange or raspberry lipstick is recommended.

How beneficial the lipstick shade will look is influenced by other factors, not just the type:

• lighting: in natural light, you should not use cold tones, and in artificial lighting, you need to be careful with orange and brown tones;

• the natural color and shape of the lips themselves: light and pearlescent shades increase the volume, dark tones - on the contrary, the teeth will appear whiter when using a non-dark red lipstick;

• when applying the make-up, the emphasis is on one thing: either the lips or the eyes, as the face will seem too drawn and unnatural.

Correct application of lipstick:

• first, a nourishing balm is applied so that the skin of the lips does not peel off;

• then a tonal foundation is applied, which will help the lipstick last longer;

• lip contour: the upper one is drawn from the middle to the corners, the lower one - in one line;

• lipstick is applied with a brush from the middle to the corners;

• Excess lipstick must be removed by pressing a napkin to the lips, if necessary, you can apply another layer.

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