How To Disguise A Mole

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How To Disguise A Mole
How To Disguise A Mole

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Every woman dreams of having smooth, healthy and beautiful skin, but a mole on her face can ruin her entire appearance. Previously, women, on the contrary, decorated their faces with painted flies, but today more and more ladies are trying to disguise this flaw. So how can you disguise a mole with modern cosmetics?

How to disguise a mole
How to disguise a mole

It is necessary

  • - Camouflage agent,
  • - concealer,
  • - loose powder,
  • - sponge or brush,
  • - foam for washing


Step 1

Special cosmetics (camouflage) have long appeared on store shelves, which flawlessly hides even the most serious skin imperfections from the eyes. With the help of simple correctors, you can mask only minor redness and inflammation of the skin, that is, minor problems. And camouflage products are designed precisely to hide serious skin imperfections from prying eyes.

Step 2

Such drugs give the problem area the same tone as the skin color around. Therefore, after applying camouflage cosmetics, your mole will acquire skin color and will no longer be conspicuous.

Step 3

Best of all, tonal camouflage products of a creamy thick consistency will help to hide the mole. They are much heavier and denser than ordinary decorative cosmetics, but at the same time they do not cause discomfort. Do not apply these drugs in several layers or thickly, they contain a large amount of dyes. That is why after applying it to the skin, a rich masking coating is obtained after applying a thin layer of such cosmetics.

Step 4

In order to disguise a mole, you will need three products: foundation, any camouflage drug that must be applied to the skin flaw, and the usual loose powder. Before applying cosmetics, you must thoroughly cleanse the skin with foam or milk. After that, rinse everything off with warm water and wipe off with a soft dry cloth.

Step 5

Apply camouflage to the mole with a sponge or brush, while trying not to smear the product on other areas of the skin, mask only the mole. Do not apply it in several layers or do several strokes on the same place, as it is based on microcrystalline wax.

Step 6

Apply foundation all over your face and finish with a light layer of powder. Other skin imperfections such as birthmarks, port wine stains, vitiligo or burn marks can be removed in the same way.

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