What Blush To Choose For A Fair-skinned Girl

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What Blush To Choose For A Fair-skinned Girl
What Blush To Choose For A Fair-skinned Girl

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Delicate fair-skinned girls should be especially careful in choosing cosmetics. Shades that are too dark or too bright can look rude and add age. When choosing a blush, be guided by a light range: among such products you can find a variety of shades - from warm to cold.

What blush to choose for a fair-skinned girl
What blush to choose for a fair-skinned girl

Choosing the type and texture of blush

Today on sale you can find blush of various textures. The most common option is powdery. A compressed dry blush is ideal for a discreet daytime make-up. They are applied with a fluffy brush over foundation or powder. Dry blush is suitable for girls with oily skin - they can be applied in layers, applying light strokes not only on the cheeks, but also on the forehead and chin. This technique is very refreshing to the face.

For fair skin, finely ground dry blush is very tightly compressed - it gives a light color. Loose blush looks brighter and requires very careful application.

For dry skin, choose a creamy blush - it looks very natural and does not accentuate flaking. Apply with your fingertips, rubbing the borders carefully. You can purchase a blush with a light shimmer or pearlescent pigments. Such effects give the cheekbones a beautiful relief, well shading light skin.

Liquid or gel blush is very convenient to use. The assortment includes very light shades that give not so much color as a hint of it. Gel and liquid blushers do not contain glitter, giving a very natural effect.

Best shades for fair skin

When choosing a blush tone, be guided by your color type. Light skin can have a warm creamy or cool pinkish tint. In the first case, you will need coral, peach golden or pale orange blush. Pay attention to products with the smallest golden shimmer - they are especially good for evening make-up. Avoid brick-colored blush - they look too dark on light cream skin.

Warm blush can be replaced with powder two or three shades darker than usual. This option is suitable for very light daytime makeup.

For girls with snow-white skin, blush of a cold scale is suitable. Lilac, pink, pinkish-beige shades will give you the charm of the Snow Queen. Means with the smallest splashes of mother-of-pearl or mica are good - shimmering on the cheeks, they will revive the face. A calm red range is also suitable - a small amount of such blush will create a natural effect on cheeks, reddened from frost.

If the color of your cheeks is too bright, tone it down with a brush with loose translucent powder.

Today it is fashionable to choose a blush to match the lipstick. You can buy paired products of the same brand or pick them yourself. Another fashionable technique is the simultaneous application of two shades. Use ready-made kits in which the colors are matched by makeup artists. First, apply a darker tone to the raised part of your cheek. Then brush in a light blush and blend it well over the first layer.

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