How To Correct Your Nose

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How To Correct Your Nose
How To Correct Your Nose

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If you ask all women what they are most dissatisfied with in their appearance, the maximum number of complaints will most likely be presented to the nose. Too wide or too long, with a hump, potatoes … It is difficult to meet a person with an ideal nose shape, but it is easy to correct your own with the help of makeup.

How to correct your nose
How to correct your nose


Step 1

A tonal foundation or powder will help you visually change your external data. You will need products that are darker or lighter than your usual shade. When performing makeup to correct the nose, carefully shade all the transitions from tone to tone: clear lines will look very sloppy. Prepare your skin for make-up as you always do: apply a light day cream or a special make-up base, apply the base tone all over the face and … proceed with the correction.

Step 2

To visually make a long nose shorter, you need to make it wider. Apply a lighter tone to the nose and a darker tone under the tip. If you don't have a light tone, simply apply a dark foundation or powder to the tip of your nose. You can correct snub-nosedness in a similar way. Only make the wings of the nose even darker, and highlight the tip of the nose with a peach color.

Step 3

A thin nose also needs correction. It usually looks too sharp. To make his lines smoother, apply a lighter tone on the line from the bridge of the nose to the tip, and on the sides of the nose, apply a dark tone.

Step 4

You can fix the aquiline nose by adding a dark color under the tip of the nose. Also focus on the eyes, soften their look. This will avoid the predatory appearance.

Step 5

Apply a darker tone to the sides of the nose, and a lighter tone to the tip and septum between the nostrils to visually lengthen the short nose.

Step 6

A dark tone applied to the sides of the nose will already help to make a wide nose. To enhance the effect, apply a lighter tone in a stripe from the bridge of the nose to the tip. You can also visually correct the hump. To do this, apply a light tone or powder with a shimmering effect to the bridge of the nose.

Step 7

Pay attention to the nasolabial folds. After all, they can ruin the best makeup. To hide this defect, lighten the area under the nasolabial fold and to the side - to the wings of the nose. Apply the light concealer with a hammering motion, then do not blend.

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