How To Apply Black Eyeshadow

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How To Apply Black Eyeshadow
How To Apply Black Eyeshadow

Video: How To Apply Black Eyeshadow

Video: How To Apply Black Eyeshadow
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Makeup using black eyeshadows gives a woman a fatal, mysterious and sexy image, and an extraordinary depth to the look. No wonder the stars of silent films, trying to enhance the expressiveness of their feelings without words, used black shadows.

How to apply black eyeshadow
How to apply black eyeshadow

It is necessary

  • - eyeshadow
  • - eyeliner
  • - Mascara


Step 1

Modern pop and movie stars also do not give up black shadows to create a bright and shocking image. Black shadows can unusually emphasize the depth of brown eyes - remember the velvet look of Liza Minnelli. But if shocking is not your goal, you need to apply black shadows with caution. This is especially true for daytime makeup, as daylight enhances all colors. Black shadows are best used for evening or festive make-up. False eyelashes are often used for eye makeup with black shadows, which enhances the effect of expressive eyes.

Step 2

With the help of black shadows, you can lengthen the shape of the eyes, highlight and emphasize their beauty. But too much black eyeshadow ages, so use it in moderation.

Step 3

Before applying black eyeshadow, you must bring the upper eyelid along the edge of the growth of the eyelashes with a black eyeliner. It is necessary to apply black shadows on both the upper and lower eyelids along the contour of the eyes, after which the shadows should be slightly shaded, while maintaining their boundaries. You get a smoky look. Apply shadows of a neutral shade to the entire surface of the eyelid, and a little white tone can be applied under the eyebrow. After that, black mascara should be applied generously to the eyelashes.

Step 4

In makeup using black eyeshadow, the emphasis is on the eyes, so nothing should distract attention from them. In this case, the blush should be barely noticeable, and it is better to use lipstick in not bright colors - light, more natural tones are suitable.

Step 5

It should be remembered that using black eyeshadows in blondes' makeup will give them a slightly extravagant and doll-like look. Brunettes with this make-up will accentuate the depth of their dark eyes, and when using bright or dark red lipstick they will look like women in the "vamp" style. Choose which look suits you and model it with the right makeup.