How To Paint The Lower Eyelid

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How To Paint The Lower Eyelid
How To Paint The Lower Eyelid

Video: How To Paint The Lower Eyelid

Video: How To Paint The Lower Eyelid
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Women usually take eye makeup very seriously, because the slightest error in it can negatively affect the appearance as a whole. Is it possible or not to paint the lower eyelid? This question is often asked by young girls who have just started using cosmetics.

How to paint the lower eyelid
How to paint the lower eyelid

It is necessary

  • - shadows;
  • - the pencils;
  • - cosmetic brushes;
  • - ink.


Step 1

The makeup that will suit any woman simply does not exist. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity is looking for the ideal option for herself through long trial and error. To do this, you need to try different cosmetics, experiment with colors, textures and application techniques. Makeup artists, in turn, give general recommendations on the technique of applying makeup, and you can and should listen to them. And makeup experts believe that without eyeliner, makeup will not always be complete.

Step 2

If you have wide-set eyes, makeup artists recommend coloring them in the following way. Apply a neutral eye shadow to the movable upper eyelid and blend thoroughly. Then take a small amount of a more saturated eye shadow on the brush and place it on the upper part of the eyelid, closer to the bridge of the nose. Blend these shadows towards the temples. Run your finger or brush several times along the border of the two shadows to make it invisible. The lower eyelid, under the eyelashes, draw in a bright, but not dark, pencil. The eyeliner line should not go beyond the borders of the eye. Lastly, paint over the lashes with mascara. Try to make the lashes a little darker in the inner corners of the eyes. With this method of applying makeup, the eyes will appear closer to the bridge of the nose.

Step 3

If your eyes are large and bulging, you can try a different way of applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. On the upper eyelid, draw a line along the lashes with an eyeliner or pencil. It should become wider towards the outer edge of the eye. Put dark shadows on the movable eyelid and blend them towards the eyebrows. Draw the lower eyelid with a dark, but not black pencil. The line should start from the middle of the eye and go to its outer corner.

Step 4

Some girls draw the inner side of the lower eyelid with a dark pencil to get the effect of a "cat's eye". And make-up artists recommend using a white pencil in this place to enlarge the eyes. These two tips do not apply to those with oversensitive eyes. Using dark shadows or a pencil, you can get an "oriental" effect. To do this, they completely circle their eyes. But the eyeliner of the lower eyelid is slightly shaded with light shadows.