How To Enlarge Your Nose At Home

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How To Enlarge Your Nose At Home
How To Enlarge Your Nose At Home

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A miniature nose is not such a drawback in appearance, however, if you want to make this part of the face a little more noticeable and expressive, then this can be done easily at home. To help you - a little dexterity and make-up tricks.

How to enlarge your nose at home
How to enlarge your nose at home

It is much easier to visually enlarge the nose than to shrink it. Possession of the technique for visually enlarging the most noticeable part of the face will be useful not only for girls with less expressive features, but also for those whose face is wide or round in comparison with the nose, and I would like to divert attention from the massive shape.

All you need is a powder or concealer in two shades: light and one tone darker. Which product to choose depends on your preferences, skin type and mastery of shading, because correct and thorough shading is the key to the success of any corrective makeup. The nasal area is prone to increased sebum production, so the owners of problem skin are better off using powders, and normal and dry - creamy texture correctors of medium density.

Before embarking on any corrective makeup, apply a foundation on your face - the products will blend better, and the necessary boundaries will remain in place for a long time.

If your nose is short and upturned

If you want to lengthen the nose a little, then apply a light shade on the bridge of the nose, on the entire space from the bridge of the nose to the tip, drawing a kind of line. It is better to do this either with a light corrector with a special applicator, and if you are using powder, take a thin brush or a brush with a special blunt end, which is perfect for correcting the nose and drawing contours.

Apply a slightly darker shade to the space approximately from the middle of the side of the nose and under the eyes, blending it towards the cheeks and temples. Gently even out the borders between the two shades on the nose with a sponge or brush.

A great way to divert attention away from your nose and draw it to your eyes is with a slightly brighter, more expressive eye makeup. Moreover, it looks great on the owners of miniature noses.

If your nose is too small for your face

If your nose looks too tiny compared to the rest of your face, apply a lighter shade to the entire area, including the back and wings of the nose, and a slightly darker shade to the rest of your face. Blend the borders and secure with a suitable color of loose powder.

Use crumbly, not compact. The difference between loose powder and compact powder is that its particles do not overlap, and the shade remains transparent, therefore, you will not hide the drawn contours, but give the makeup a complete natural look, uniformity and matte finish.

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