Complications After Eyelash Extension

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Complications After Eyelash Extension
Complications After Eyelash Extension

Video: Complications After Eyelash Extension

Video: Complications After Eyelash Extension
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Eyelash extension is gaining more and more popularity. This service is provided in any self-respecting salon. Of course, every second girl dreams of shining with "fox" eyelashes, having the opportunity to save time on makeup. But is this procedure so harmless? After all, not every master will talk about the consequences of building up, which occur quite often.

Complications after eyelash extension
Complications after eyelash extension


Step 1

Much, including complications after eyelash extension, depends on the conscientiousness and qualifications of the master. Therefore, you should not count on the economy class procedure. For little money, you can only get big problems.

Step 2

Before the session, it will be useful to visit an ophthalmologist to determine the degree of eye sensitivity and the level of vision. Many women complain about the side effects of eyelash extensions, not realizing that their own negligence was the cause of their suffering.

Step 3

Many frightened clients argue that the extension inevitably entails the loss of their own eyelashes. This is not entirely true. Eyelashes fall out all the time - this is a natural process. But after an unsuccessful build-up, they can break off at the root, turning into unaesthetic hemp. To prevent this from happening, you must carefully choose the master you intend to give preference to. Find out what kind of glue he uses, correlate the severity of the surrogate material with the endurance of natural eyelashes.

Step 4

Women who have naturally weak and thin eyelashes should not have extensions before they undergo treatment. The fact is that the artificial material is not attached to the skin of the eyelids, but precisely to the eyelashes. If the donor bristle is heavier, the native cilia will not hold up.

Step 5

The main complications after eyelash extension are related to the sensitivity of the eyes. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, suffer from cataracts, conjunctivitis or glaucoma, you must warn the master. And it is better to refuse the procedure altogether.

Step 6

Also, you should not do eyelash extensions for women prone to seasonal manifestations of allergies. With the advent of poplar fluff or during the flowering period, wearing artificial bristles will turn into hell for you.

Step 7

The mild side effects of eyelash extensions, such as short wear time and unaesthetic appearance, are not harmful to your health, but they lead to unnecessary expenses. In order to wear donor material for as long as possible, it is worth giving up eye makeup and the use of oily eye creams. Also limit face-down sleep, minimize eye rubbing, and use the sauna, pool, and beach.

Step 8

Women with oily skin cannot expect to wear extended eyelashes for a long time. the glue, in contact with the greasy secretion, will gradually dissolve. But do not be upset, you just have to make more corrections and that's it.