How To Apply Mascara Correctly

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How To Apply Mascara Correctly
How To Apply Mascara Correctly

Video: How To Apply Mascara Correctly

Video: How To Apply Mascara Correctly
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Long fluffy eyelashes are a decoration of the face. If nature has endowed you with beautiful eyelashes, then you are just in luck. Ladies with more modest external data have to use cosmetics. It's not enough just to make up your eyelashes - you also need to be able to apply mascara correctly.

How to apply mascara correctly
How to apply mascara correctly


Step 1

Choose mascara. Decide on the brand of mascara and what effect you want to achieve - lengthening eyelashes, adding volume, fluffiness, etc. Correctly selected mascara is the first step to a captivating look. Pay attention to the shape of the brush for applying mascara - it should be thick and short, narrowed at the end.

Step 2

Decide on the color of your mascara. It is customary to paint black eyelashes with black or dark brown mascara, light ones - with mascara with a brown tint. But you don't have to stop at the standard colors and opt for colored mascara.

Step 3

Curl your eyelashes. Use an eyelash curler. The curvature gives the look an openness and depth. You will have to use tongs every time you apply makeup, an alternative is a perm. It is carried out once every three months, and the result is beautifully curled eyelashes without daily procedures.

Step 4

Apply mascara. Take a brush and apply mascara from the eyelid to the ends of the lashes. Do this carefully, being careful not to get into your eyes. Applying mascara correctly means doing it in one move. Move the brush in a zigzag pattern, painting over the entire length of the lashes and on all sides. Pay attention to the corners of the eyes - they often remain unpainted. You can use more mascara on the upper lashes than on the lower ones. A large amount of mascara on the lower lashes makes the look heavier and makes the makeup look unkempt and the eyes small.

Step 5

Apply a second coat of mascara. Mascara applied in two or three coats will last longer. Don't wait for the previous coat to dry - apply mascara to damp lashes. Remember to scrub excess mascara off the brush for application between coats.

Step 6

Part your eyelashes. If eyelashes stick together, separate them with a special brush. Do not use sharp objects for these purposes - toothpicks, needles and pins.