How To Make Your Face Shiny

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How To Make Your Face Shiny
How To Make Your Face Shiny

Video: How To Make Your Face Shiny

Video: How To Make Your Face Shiny
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Some try to achieve a matte effect on the skin of the face, and some lack a light, healthy shine. You can make your face shiny with the help of correctly applied makeup. Before you start, it is worth understanding that you need to achieve not an oily sheen, but a slight, slightly watery shimmer and glare of your skin.

How to make your face shiny
How to make your face shiny


Step 1

Prepare the necessary cosmetics, makeup and related accessories. For cosmetics, you will need a day cream for the face and thermal water (or its equivalent). From cosmetics, take a foundation, powder, light pearlescent shadows of a white or yellowish-pink shade, blush with small pearlescent particles of two shades of the same color. For applying makeup, it is better to use not the accessories that come with the cosmetics, but to have special brushes.

Step 2

Apply your usual daytime facial treatment to your face and let it absorb. For best results, you can easily "hammer" it into the skin with your fingertips. This massage will improve blood circulation and tone the skin.

Step 3

Using a brush, sponge, or fingers, apply foundation to your face and blend well. If you do not use light foundation (fluids), but thicker products, apply the foundation with a dry or wet sponge, so it will lie in a thinner and even layer. Make sure that there is no clear boundary of the foundation between the line of the chin, neck and hair roots. If necessary, use the corrector to mask imperfections in the skin.

Step 4

With a wide brush, apply dry powder all over your face (and neck as needed). Dusting is done in order to finally even out the tone of the face, so do not overdo it with the amount of powder.

Step 5

Sprinkle thermal water or a similar spray on your face. Keep it 15-20 centimeters from your face. Avoid getting on your eyelids and skin around your eyes. Remove excess moisture with short strokes of the sponge or hands, at the same time do not move the skin, do not "smear" the moisture, so as not to damage the layer of applied makeup.

Step 6

Emphasize the uppermost edge of the cheekbone and the middle of the forehead with light shadows (just do not overdo it - you do not paint your cheeks and forehead, but create only a small light highlight). At the end of the blush brush, mix some pearlescent white eyeshadow and a light blush tone and apply them to the overhanging part of the cheekbone.

Step 7

Apply a darker shade of blush under the cheekbone, blend the border. Mark the contours of the face with the same shade, brush along the jawline and at the roots of the hair. Shade the borders carefully. Brush off excess blush and shadows with a wide, clean brush.