How To Apply Red Lipstick On Your Lips

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How To Apply Red Lipstick On Your Lips
How To Apply Red Lipstick On Your Lips

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The classic image of the femme fatale is invariably associated with a seductive scarlet mouth. But in order to focus on red lipstick, you need to know some makeup secrets that will help you become irresistible.

How to apply red lipstick on your lips
How to apply red lipstick on your lips


  • - tonal basis
  • - pencil
  • - lipstick
  • - powder
  • - shine
  • - napkin


Step 1

Before you start applying lipstick, make sure the color you choose is right for you. If you have fair skin, choose a lipstick with a cool pink-lilac shade or a classic red color. Avoid orange tones - they are perfect for girls with a peach skin tone. And on the lips of dark-skinned women, brown-red lipstick will look great.

Step 2

Scarlet lipstick is eye-catching, therefore it requires perfect application. First, apply a moisturizing balm to your lips. Then, go about smoothing your complexion with a foundation. You can also apply it on the lips or walk with it with a light loose powder.

Step 3

To make the lipstick fit perfectly and not spread, be sure to draw the contour lines with a pencil. To do this, choose a pencil not to match the lipstick, but to match your lips. To keep the lines clear and beautiful, apply two dots on the middle parts of the upper and lower lip, then connect them. Lightly paint over the rest of the lips with the pencil.

Step 4

Run the red lipstick along the lips from the center to the corners, without going beyond the contour line. Blot your lips on a paper towel. To make them look even more seductive, apply a drop of gloss of a similar shade over the lipstick, but do not smear it all over the lips, right down to the contour.

Step 5

If you decide to focus on red lips, do not apply heavy makeup to your eyelids. Otherwise, you end up with the image of a vulgar woman. Better to gently paint over the eyelashes with mascara and lightly touch the blush on the cheekbones.

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