The Most Common Mistakes In Eye Makeup

The Most Common Mistakes In Eye Makeup
The Most Common Mistakes In Eye Makeup

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Many of the fairer sex make a number of mistakes when applying makeup. This is due to ignorance of the basic rules. Consider the recommendations for the correct implementation of eye makeup and the main mistakes.

The most common mistakes in eye makeup
The most common mistakes in eye makeup

- The most common mistake is to apply foundation or concealer, as an alternative to the foundation under the eyeshadow. Thus, under the influence of heat, the shadows will roll down by the middle of the day and the makeup will look sloppy.

- It is important to use the correct shades. You don't need to blindly follow fashion trends and try everything on yourself. You need to choose what is right for you.

- To make eye makeup effective and neatly executed, you should use not only sponges, but also specially designed brushes. This will give you good shading.

- Do not overdo it with shading shadows. Shadows can be wound a little over the bone of the eyelid. Blending up to the eyebrow is already too much.

- Arrows, the tail of which goes down, look rather unattractive, making the eyes sad.

- In order not to spoil the makeup, you should first paint your eyes, and then apply a cream, since the shadows tend to crumble when applied.

If you have limited time for makeup, or you are thinking how to make up, you can use only mascara - it always looks like a win-win.

Mistakes in using mascara

Undoubtedly, almost any girl uses mascara in her makeup. But moments are not excluded when a completely new cosmetic item does not correspond to the declared quality. Most often this happens due to errors in use.

- Carrying it with you negatively affects the properties of the mascara, as it is constantly exposed to temperature differences. As a result, it changes its structure, which already has certain consequences.

- Thinning the mascara is not an effective method, as the mascara does not regain its properties when diluted. When applied to the eyelashes, such mascara will quickly crumble and negatively affect the mucous membrane of the eye.

- You should not make active movements with a brush in a tube, as air will penetrate there and the mascara will dry much faster.

- Sometimes girls use mascara for a long time after the stated expiration date. Firstly, expired mascara is already of poor quality, and accordingly it lays down poorly and crumbles. Secondly, bacteria grow there, which can subsequently cause allergies or irritation of the mucous membranes of the eye.

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