How To Make Up Your Face

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How To Make Up Your Face
How To Make Up Your Face

Video: How To Make Up Your Face

Video: How To Make Up Your Face

Make-up for the face or even the whole body is a technique that is widely used in both cinema and theater. This is a kind of art, which is owned by real professionals in their field. Of course, none of them will reveal all their secrets to you, but some of the tricks of the art of make-up will certainly interest you.

How to make up your face
How to make up your face


Step 1

So, in order to make up your face correctly, you need to follow some general classical principles. First cleanse your face with eau de toilette, egg cream, or camphor lotion. Then lubricate it (face) with your favorite lotion that suits your skin type. Lotions are: tonic (based on alcohol and herbs), acidifying (based on acids), herbal (based on herbs) and mixed (combines herbs, acids and alcohol). The toning cream must be applied to a slightly damp face.

Step 2

Next, light your face well. Powder it up with a daytime toning cream, matching the shade as close to your skin tone as possible. But there are two exceptions: for radiant pink skin, it is better to use a beige cream, and for yellowish skin - pink or peach.

Step 3

Wait 10 minutes. During this time, the base cream will penetrate the skin. Now add some blush to your cheeks. Keep in mind that cream and liquid blush should be applied before powder, and dry - after.

Step 4

Color your lips, then apply the desired color to your eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows. Eyebrows can be secured with a hair clip, which should be applied to a small brush.

Step 5

Powder your face. After the powder, touch up your eyebrows and lips again. Remember to apply paint (especially blush) a little bit at a time.

Step 6

And here is the "zombie" effect. Prepare theater-bought paints, white, blue, red powder, gouache, mascara, and hair gel. The old powder needs to be given a blue powder, after which black stains (like those of the dead) around the eyes should be made. Hair is important to knock down with a gel. Also add a little blood to them, the role of which will be played by a thickly diluted red gouache. Don't forget about the neck either. It also needs to be watered with "blood".