How To Visually Make A Face Already

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How To Visually Make A Face Already
How To Visually Make A Face Already

Video: How To Visually Make A Face Already

Video: How To Visually Make A Face Already
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Any woman who has mastered some of the subtleties of makeup can learn visual sculpting. Using tone, powder of different shades, pencils and blush, you will remove chubby cheeks, define the line of the cheekbones and chin, and narrow a face that is too wide.

How to visually make a face already
How to visually make a face already


  • - Base makeup;
  • - tan-colored powder;
  • - dark plum brown blush;
  • - proofreader;
  • - powder of a neutral tone;
  • - highlighter;
  • - eyeshadow;
  • - powder brush;
  • - flat brush;
  • - ruler.


Step 1

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Decide exactly what shape you want to give your face. To make it narrower, you need to darken the sides. For a more graceful relief, it does not hurt to emphasize the cheekbones, visually remove the second chin and make the oval more clear.

Step 2

Prepare your skin. Wipe it down with a moisturizing toner and apply a makeup base. You can choose a product with a matte or shine effect. For uneven, flaky skin, a silicone-based product is suitable, which instantly creates the effect of a smooth and well-groomed face. Do not use a base with large glitters - they will negate all sculpting efforts.

Step 3

Hide imperfections by applying a dense concealer on top of them. Blend it thoroughly and powder your face with a neutral, loose matte powder.

Step 4

Place the ruler over your face, running from the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear. Using a flat brush, brush some tan powder or plum brown blush. It is better not to use the pink-red range of blush - they will make the face too bright. Draw a confident line and blend it with a soft brush. Add more powder or blush as needed. Repeat the technique on the other side of your face.

Step 5

Draw some dark powder on the brush and outline the outline of the lower jaw. Gently blend the line to achieve a smooth color transition. Ideally, it should look like a shadow, removing excess volume.

Step 6

Dip a fluffy brush into the dark powder and use wide sweeping strokes to tone the sides of the face, moving from the forehead to the chin. Use large comma strokes. If necessary, add some color by tracing a narrow strip of pink blush under the cheekbone and blending it.

Step 7

If you have a second chin, hide it with a touch-up. Tilt your head back and with two strokes of the brush with dark powder, draw a triangle, converging under the chin. Blend the contours. If they seem too harsh for you, soften them by lightly applying a light powder to the painted area.

Step 8

Apply a matte shade of taupe to the lids. Eyes highlighted in a neutral tone will make the face look thinner. For extra definition, accentuate the area under the eyebrow, bridge of the nose and chin with a light powder or gel highlighter. Do not overdo it - the face should not shine. The soft highlight and radiance of its midsection is a result worth striving for.