We Select The Right Makeup And Face Color Type

We Select The Right Makeup And Face Color Type
We Select The Right Makeup And Face Color Type

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As lovely ladies develop their makeup skills, they will learn many secrets to help them look irresistible. However, it will be much easier to pick up makeup and buy cosmetics for any image if you arm yourself with some basic knowledge. One of these "tablets" for the competent use of cosmetics is the classification by the type of face.

Makeup and face color: choosing the right one
Makeup and face color: choosing the right one

Guided by this division, each girl can easily determine which palette of tones and shades should be preferred when creating makeup.

There are the following face color types:

- Winter

- Spring

- Summer

- Autumn

The first item on this list can be easily divided into two sub-items: "snow-white winter" and "southern winter". The fair sex, belonging to the first subtype, usually has dark hair, dark eyebrows, pale skin, and cold pink lips. These ladies rarely have a blush, and tanned skin casts a little olive color.

The second subtype can be characterized as follows: the skin of cold shades clearly highlights the presence of dark eyelashes and eyebrows, well-defined lips often have a plum shade. Sunbathing, such girls acquire chocolate skin tones. Winter is the coldest time of the year, so appearances belonging to this type do not tolerate the use of a warm palette.

The spring girl fully justifies the name of the next item with her appearance. Light, golden and delicate - this is the characteristic of ladies of the "spring" type. The exterior is always very warm, there are many shades of gold, brown, beige and peach. Bright, warm, cheerful colors are suitable for such girls: the whole rainbow to blue.

"Summer" ladies are different. Hair color ranges from ash to light brown. The eyes are mostly gray, but with the presence of various shades. In "summer" you will never see chestnut, golden and red flowers. Makeup for such a lady is very simple to choose: any color in a muted, delicate version.

"Autumn" is always replete with warmth and colors: brown, gold, red and their various combinations. Such girls are rarely the owners of blue and gray eyes. Cosmetics should be selected from warm colors, always matte texture. It is better not to use blush, or to apply them transparently - another rule of "autumn".

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