How To Do Makeup Without Mascara

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How To Do Makeup Without Mascara
How To Do Makeup Without Mascara

Video: How To Do Makeup Without Mascara

Video: How To Do Makeup Without Mascara
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For a number of reasons, sometimes you have to give up the use of mascara in makeup. This could be due to allergic reactions, weakening of the eyelashes, or a desire for more natural makeup.

How to do makeup without mascara
How to do makeup without mascara

It is necessary

  • - shadows;
  • - pencil;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - applicators and brushes.


Step 1

Before applying makeup without mascara, give your face a natural shade. Cover uneven skin with foundation or mousse. Use a corrector if necessary.

Step 2

Set the complexion with powder. Play with different shades of powder to create the perfect look. Accentuate your cheekbones with a natural, no-shine blush.

Step 3

Apply eye makeup using gray shades of eyeshadow. Apply light gray pearlescent shadows to the movable eyelid and to the inner corner of the eye. Accentuate the lash line at the outer corner with dark gray matte eyeshadow. Line the lashes along the lower lid with a dark shade.

Step 4

When using gray eyeshadows, highlight your brows with a pencil to match your hair if you are a brunette or brown-haired woman. Make light eyebrows expressive with light brown eyeshadow. Paint your lips with flesh-colored lipstick.

Step 5

Add shimmering emerald eyeshadow to your eyes. Use the applicator to draw clear lines along the upper and lower lashes. Paint your lips with bright red lipstick.

Step 6

Use a sharp black or brown pencil to apply makeup without mascara. Draw a line on the upper eyelid, tracing the gaps between the lashes. Blend the pencil with the applicator.

Step 7

With a black pencil, draw a line inside the lower eyelid, above the lashes. Close your eyes tightly so that there is a mark on the upper eyelid from the inside. Apply brown matte eyeshadow to the upper movable lid. Paint your lips with lipstick of a rich color.

Step 8

Line your upper eyelid along the lash line with black liquid eyeliner. Carefully draw expressive arrows. Paint your lips with gloss or shiny pink lipstick.

Step 9

To quickly do makeup every day without mascara, do an eyelash tattoo in the salon. Or dye your eyelashes with a special paint once a month. Strengthen lashes with castor or almond oil and soon your look will be attractive without mascara.