How To Color Your Eyebrows Correctly

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How To Color Your Eyebrows Correctly
How To Color Your Eyebrows Correctly

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Well-groomed eyebrows can beautify the face and even visually correct its shape. Therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to eyebrow makeup. One of the conditions for the beauty of eyebrows is their color.

How to color your eyebrows correctly
How to color your eyebrows correctly

How to paint eyebrows with special paint

It is especially important to keep an eye on the color of your eyebrows if you are dyeing your hair. If you do not do this, the unnaturalness of the new hair color will be conspicuous. If the chosen shade is radically different from the natural one, you cannot do without eyebrow dye.

Eyebrow and eyelash dye will give them the desired shade for about a month, thereby significantly reducing the daily hassle. It is very important to choose a quality paint. In no case should you dye your eyebrows with hair dye.

It is better to give preference to proven brands that specialize in professional dyeing. The product will not be cheap, but the result will please and the likelihood of allergies is minimized. A simple option is to contact a beauty salon and entrust your eyebrows to professionals who will help you decide on the shade.

If you decide to carry out the staining procedure at home, you need to use a simple rule. Dark-haired ones should give preference to eyebrow color three tones lighter than hair, and fair-haired ones three tones darker. Red is recommended to use brown tones.

The day before coloring the eyebrows, you need to give the desired shape with tweezers. You should not do this immediately before applying paint, because plucking can leave microdamages to the skin. This can lead to irritation.

Most paints come with instructions for use. It indicates how to dilute the coloring mixture and how long to keep it on the eyebrows to obtain a particular shade. It is recommended to apply a greasy cream to the skin around the eyebrows before the procedure so that it does not accidentally stain.

How to do your daily eyebrow makeup

For daily eyebrow makeup, pencils are used. The color of the pencil should be darker than the color of the hair, but lighter than the color of the mascara. Brush your brows and apply the pencil in fine strokes along the hairline.

A darker color should be applied to the widest part of the eyebrow, and a lighter color should be applied to its end. At the end, you need to lightly shade the pencil, combing the eyebrows again. It is worth considering that on damp skin, the color will be brighter.

There are also special eyebrow powders, which are a thick substance with a coloring pigment. This powder will help to disguise unsuccessful eyebrow depilation, it is very stable. It is applied with a stiff brush according to the same principle as a pencil.

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