5 Rules For Using Red Lipstick

5 Rules For Using Red Lipstick
5 Rules For Using Red Lipstick

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The unforgettable image of Marilyn Monroe was woven from many flirty "chips", which are still duplicated by charming young ladies today. One of them is red lipstick. She gives the feminine silhouette appeal, style, self-confidence and playfulness. But such a magical "weapon" must be used correctly. Otherwise, it will play against you. How and when to use red lipstick correctly?

5 rules for using red lipstick
5 rules for using red lipstick

Rule 1. There is no universal red lipstick

The color palette of love and passion is multifaceted. Therefore, the first step is to determine your shade of red. And here the main guideline will be the color-tone of your eyes, skin and hair. The harmony of this whole combination will give you freshness and uniqueness.

· Owners of porcelain-white skin will be adorned with scarlet or cold-red.

· A woman's face with beige skin will be harmoniously combined with coral red and orange-red lipstick.

Medium (slightly tanned) leather looks great with brick red or cherry blossom.

· Bright berry shades of red are suitable for dark-haired women.

If the color of the lipstick seems provocative to you, look for less saturated lip glosses. Experiment with matte and glossy textures.

P.S. A difficult situation can be resolved by special computer programs or the advice of a stylist / sales assistant in a cosmetic store.

Rule 2. Bright bright - strife

Have you decided on a shade of red lipstick? Let's move on to the makeup composition. A luscious accent on the lips and a bright eye make-up are a sign of vulgarity and bad taste. Let us again recall the image of the inimitable Marilyn. Classic hands that flutter upward with the tips are the perfect combination with red lipstick.

Rule 3. Practical step - apply red lipstick

Despite its juiciness, red lipstick will not brighten flaky, chapped lips. Use a scrub and moisturizer.

· Lips will become more attractive if, before applying lipstick, slightly toned (shade) the skin around the lips. This can be done with a concealer or foundation.

· To emphasize the line between the lips and the skin of the face will help a soft pencil, a shade corresponding to the lipstick. Lip liner also prevents lipstick from spreading.

· It is best to apply red lipstick with a brush.

· Touch up your lip makeup from time to time. The gaps on the red lipstick are very noticeable.

Rule 4. Red lipstick and manicure

The use of red lipstick in combination with a manicure of a similar shade is the prerogative of femme fatale. If you are uncomfortable in this role, then it is better to use a varnish of beige, natural pink or burgundy colors for the nail coating.

Rule 5. Time and place for red lipstick

Fashion is a fickle lady, he constantly comes up with new images, styles or decorates "old" ones. Until relatively recently, red lipstick was the leitmotif of retro silhouettes at parties. Today, the skillful use of a magical accent can decorate and refresh both a restrained business style, and a casual denim or sporty look … The main thing here is a clear understanding of color harmony and measure.

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