How To Apply Blush In Balls

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How To Apply Blush In Balls
How To Apply Blush In Balls

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Ladies often use blush in their makeup. This tool is able to give the face freshness, emphasize its beautiful relief, and hide flaws. Blush in balls are very popular among the fair sex. They come in different shades and are very easy to apply.

How to apply blush in balls
How to apply blush in balls


Step 1

The balls that make up the blush are just the compressed dry consistency of those blush that everyone is used to for a long time. As a rule, the color range of the balls is of both cold and warm tones. Such blush can have either one color, or, conversely, several shades close in tone. Often they add shiny particles or mother-of-pearl.

Step 2

To apply blush, you will need a regular set of long-handled blush brushes. Use the largest brush for easy application. Use a beveled brush to adjust the relief of the face. The small brushes that come with the blush are great for situations where you need to tweak your makeup a little. Always keep your brushes clean.

Step 3

Take special care when applying blush to foundation and powder. Apply them lightly using a very small amount. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove only the blush from your face, you will have to cleanse your entire face and do your makeup again. Shade the applied blush thoroughly. They are designed to discreetly and harmoniously highlight your beauty.

Step 4

When applying blush, dip the round brush into the balls at right angles. Then apply them to the skin at the same angle. Use gentle pinpoint movements for a more natural and radiant complexion.

Step 5

Remember to apply blush based on the shape of your face. On an oval face, select an area in the direction from the cheekbones to the outer edge of the eyelids, on a round one - from the temple to the lower jaw, sliding along the outer border of the cheeks. If the shape of your face is closer to triangular, accentuate the area from the cheekbones to the temples. Then blend the blush down. A square face will look more harmonious if you first apply the blush under the eyes and then gently blend to the sides.

Step 6

A light daytime makeup will look complete and give your face a fresh, radiant look if you don't neglect your forehead and chin.

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