How To Hide Flaws With Makeup

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How To Hide Flaws With Makeup
How To Hide Flaws With Makeup

Video: How To Hide Flaws With Makeup

Video: How To Hide Flaws With Makeup
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With the correct application of makeup, you can not only emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, but even better - turn the flaws into advantages. And this can be done with the help of decorative cosmetics, the choice of which is now quite large.

How to hide flaws with makeup
How to hide flaws with makeup


Step 1

If you start to develop wrinkles around your eyes, forget about shimmery and shiny shadows, they can only emphasize the unevenness of the skin, instead of masking them. An excellent camouflage for your eyes will be shadows with a matting delicate effect. Eyeshadow with a hint of champagne or peach will perfectly adorn any eyes. If your eyelids look too puffy, use a dark brown eyeshadow to add depth and naturalness to your eyes.

Step 2

As you age, your lips become thinner and appear drier. Do not use dark lipstick shades, they will draw attention to the expression lines around the lips. To make your lips look younger, apply lipstick first and then some gloss.

Step 3

Don't put too much makeup on your face. When doing makeup, remember that you can select only one part of the face. For example, if you painted your lips with bright lipstick, the eyes should be neutral, and if you want to highlight the eyes, do not focus on the lips and cheeks.

Step 4

Before applying foundation, lubricate the skin with a moisturizer, then the tone will turn out to be even. Also, don't do it with your fingers, use a special sponge. Use concealer, but not a yellow shade, to mask dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin and pimples, otherwise the skin will look gray or greenish.

Step 5

To make your look deeper, more expressive and open, use a dark pencil, but not black. Using a special brush, blend the drawn arrow along the entire lash line so that you can see it with your eyes open.

Step 6

Take care of your eyebrows. They should be clearly defined. If you wish to color them, then choose only a shade close to the natural color of your eyebrows and apply along the line of their natural growth.

Step 7

Finish off by painting your eyelashes using the appropriate mascara. If you have sparse eyelashes, use volumizing mascara, if short - lengthening.