How To Apply Makeup To Brunettes

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How To Apply Makeup To Brunettes
How To Apply Makeup To Brunettes

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Brunettes are bright girls. Therefore, even everyday natural makeup for them requires a little brighter than for other girls. What colors are suitable for brunettes? What should be the evening and daytime make-up? It is impossible to unequivocally answer these questions, since much depends on the type, skin tone, hair and eye color.

How to apply makeup to brunettes
How to apply makeup to brunettes


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Step 1

Owners of black hair, dark eyes and dark skin should choose a foundation, foundation and powder of a natural tan, ocher, beige shade. Avoid shades that are too light and especially yellowish as they will make you look unhealthy. As for eye makeup, here you can give free rein to your imagination. You are not prohibited from black smokey eyes, cat-eye make-up, a wide variety of arrows. The preferred color palette of shadows is brown, gray, blue, purple. The lips should be accentuated. Ruby, terracotta, dark red or burgundy lipstick is good for the evening. During the day, you can use a shine of a reddish hue.

Step 2

Less radical brunettes - with dark brown manes, dark or olive skin, hazel, green or hazel eyes - should choose peach-toned foundation and powder. It is better to refuse black eyeliner and replace it with brown. Shadows are bronze, green. Lipstick - dark pink, carmine, coral.

Step 3

Brunettes with light brown hair, cool skin tones, and dark or blue eyes should wear neutral skin tones. Use a warm shade of blush to give your skin a more radiant look. The recommended mascara is brown, but black is also acceptable. The most suitable shades of shadows are gray, blue, greenish. Lipstick - light or dark pink, in the evening - scarlet.

Step 4

Separately, it is worth mentioning cosmetic "taboos": brunettes and brown-haired women, regardless of their color type, categorically do not go for pastel, pale, too light shades of gloss and lipstick, since they give the face a painful look, deprive it of expressiveness. As already mentioned, you should not choose a tone or powder of yellowish shades, peach, brownish, grayish, warm shades are also undesirable.

Step 5

And finally: if you are a dyed brunette, it is desirable that the color of your eyebrows is not much lighter than the color of your hair. In the beauty salon, you can do a long-lasting coloring.

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