How To Choose A Powder Tone

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How To Choose A Powder Tone
How To Choose A Powder Tone

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Powder is an integral part of any girl's make-up bag, with its help you can either correct minor imperfections or simply even out the complexion, giving it a pleasant matte finish. What should you pay attention to when buying and choosing a tone of powder and how to accurately choose the color that suits you?

How to choose a powder tone
How to choose a powder tone


Step 1

It is extremely unpleasant when others notice that the tone of the powder is lighter or, conversely, darker than your natural skin tone. Especially if you have spent quite a long time in the store choosing one or another color. Remember - not entirely natural lighting is often used in salons and stores, and this can prevent you from making the right choice. Find a spot with the most natural and brightest light that resembles normal daylight or a cloudy morning. Only in this way, by applying the powder from the tester to the skin, you will be able to understand if there is a difference between your skin and the powder.

Step 2

You can also use special cards with examples of colors and shades of powder. They need to be kept close to the neck and chin, because it is in these places that the borders are most often the most noticeable.

Step 3

The same applies to the testers - spread the powder with a sponge or brush over these areas, it is very important to blend the tested product correctly in order to achieve the most natural effect.

Step 4

The color of the powder should also be selected depending on the texture, for example, keep in mind that cream powder can be much more noticeable on the skin (and, as a result, errors too) than loose powder, which can be gently applied with a brush.

Step 5

If your skin is translucent, very thin and light, then you should hardly give preference to yellow and cold shades of powder, since you can look very painful. Pastel and slightly pinkish porcelain shades are exactly what you need. However, if your skin is more olive green, then you clearly should not choose these shades.

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