How To Draw 'arrows' On Eyes With Overhanging Eyelids

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How To Draw 'arrows' On Eyes With Overhanging Eyelids
How To Draw 'arrows' On Eyes With Overhanging Eyelids

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Makeup can correct some facial imperfections. For example, with a correctly applied eyeliner, it is easy to visually raise the overhanging eyelids, making the look more open. Choose the right makeup and master some of the features of its application.

How to draw 'arrows' on eyes with a drooping eyelid
How to draw 'arrows' on eyes with a drooping eyelid

Choosing cosmetics for impending eyelids

The drooping eyelid needs long-lasting cosmetics that will quickly fix and will not smudge. It is better to refuse the usual soft pencil. Buy a gel or cream eyeliner, and a flat synthetic brush with a beveled edge. You will need a base shade of powder and a make-up fixing base.

When choosing an eyeliner color, be guided by the shade of the eyes. Green or purple colors will suit your eyes, chocolate eyeliner will emphasize the blueness of the iris, and the gray ones will be very beautiful framed by black arrows. Preferably a product with a slightly damp shine. Matte eyeliner makes the look look dull and makeup too pale.

We bring our eyes and adjust the eyelids

The usual technique of drawing arrows for drooping eyelids is not suitable - the thin lines will disappear under the overhanging skin. Your task is to make moderately wide and not too long arrows that visually stretch the eyes and raise the outer corners.

Apply the fixing base to the eyelids and hammer in with your fingertips. A day cream with a lifting effect also works very well. It slightly tightens and tightens the skin, cosmetics lays down smoother and lasts longer. Apply a thin layer of the base color of beige, cream, pinkish or silvery gray. Apply shadow over the entire movable eyelid, blending it towards the eyebrow.

Start drawing arrows. Dip the brush into the eyeliner and work from the outer corner of the eye towards the middle of the upper eyelid. Raise the corner of the arrow slightly towards your temple and stay as close to the lash line as possible. Then mark the crease of the eyelid by drawing a line along it from the tip of the arrow to the outer corner of the eye. Pick up some more eyeliner and paint over the resulting corner. To make the arrow look softer, lightly blend the lines with a thin latex applicator or flat brush.

See the effect in the mirror. The arrow can be lengthened or made wider. If the lines are too pale, apply another layer of eyeliner. Make sure the arrows on both eyes are symmetrical.

Extend the arrow to the inner corner of the eye if desired. In this part of the eyelid, the line should be very thin. Her task is to create the appearance of thicker eyelashes and complete the makeup. The lower eyelid should not be painted, this will visually reduce the eyes.

Apply curling mascara to your lashes. To make your eyes appear larger, apply an extra dose of mascara at the outer corners. If your lashes are too straight, curl them with tongs. This technique will help to visually open and enlarge the eyes, removing the effect of an overhanging eyelid.

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