How To Draw Straight Arrows

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How To Draw Straight Arrows
How To Draw Straight Arrows

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Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a woman's main weapon in the struggle for male attention. Arrows are often used to make them more expressive. Depending on the color and shape of the eyes, the arrows can be thick or thin, black or multi-colored. However, the main task in applying such makeup is to draw even arrows.

eyes that are meant to attract attention
eyes that are meant to attract attention


  • So, in order to do Cleopatra-style makeup, you need a well-sharpened eyeliner. Most often, semi-soft pencils are used to draw arrows. Soft ones will smudge too much, and hard ones can scratch the eyelid. In addition, you should have flesh and dark shadows, cotton swabs, and mascara on hand.
  • Apply makeup in a well-lit area.


Step 1

First, apply some flesh-colored shadows to the moving eyelid. This is to prevent the pencil from smudging or dripping.

Step 2

Then we start drawing the arrow itself. To do this, it is worth fixing your hand, for example, you can lean your elbow on the table.

Another important condition is the drawing of arrows on the half-open eyelid. This is necessary in order to immediately see all the irregularities of the makeup.

Draw the arrow closer to the eyelash edge, this will help visually make the eyelashes thicker. First you need to draw a thin line, and then make it thicker as necessary.

There are several ways to draw arrows. Some people prefer to start drawing from the middle of the eyelid, others move from the inner edge of the eye to the outside.

Step 3

With the final touch, be sure to lift the tip of the arrow up. Otherwise, the eyes may look sad and lowered.

If the arrows look jagged in your opinion, you can fix it with dark eyeshadow and a fine brush.

A prerequisite for applying arrows is dark long eyelashes, which mascara will help to acquire. Otherwise, your makeup may appear incomplete.

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