How To Choose Mascara

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How To Choose Mascara
How To Choose Mascara

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Thick and long eyelashes are the dream of many women. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such beauty. That is why it is so important to be able to choose the right mascara that will accentuate your eyes and make your look more expressive.

How to choose mascara
How to choose mascara


Step 1

Decide which mascara you need: lengthening, voluminous or waterproof. The volume envelops the lashes and makes them visually thicker. It contains micro-granules of wax and coal dust, and the brush has uniform bristles.

Step 2

If you want long eyelashes, buy lengthening mascara. It contains microprotein, synthetic or natural fiber (silk, nylon). The brush can be straight with uniform bristles or curved, which curls the cilia.

Step 3

Get waterproof mascara, it is indispensable for sports activities in the pool and during rainy weather. Waterproof cosmetics contain resins that prevent them from spreading, and such mascara can only be removed with a special tool.

Step 4

Buy medicated mascara to strengthen weak lashes. It is a transparent gel and contains trace elements, vitamins, proteins, keratin and castor oil. The treatment product can be used alone or as a base under your regular mascara. If you wear contact lenses, choose a specialty mascara that is ophthalmologically approved.

Step 5

Pay attention to the expiration date and consistency of the product. A good mascara should look like a cream in appearance, not roll off, not crumble, lie on the eyelashes with a thin layer, without sticking them together. Smell the mascara, it should not have a pronounced chemical odor.

Step 6

Read the composition of the product carefully. Beneficial substances for eyelashes are castor oil, vitamins and proteins, keratin and lanolin. To reduce the negative effects of sunlight, choose mascara with melanin and UV blockers.

Step 7

Examine the packaging, it should contain information about the composition of the product, its name, manufacturer's coordinates, date of manufacture and shelf life. After three months of use, the mascara should be thrown away, as it dries out, and microorganisms can develop in it and cause allergies or conjunctivitis.

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