How To Paint Thin Lips

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How To Paint Thin Lips
How To Paint Thin Lips

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Full lips have always been a symbol of sensuality and seduction. Therefore, often the owners of thin narrow lips are complex about their appearance. You can add volume to your lips with the help of decorative cosmetics.

How to paint thin lips
How to paint thin lips


Step 1

Remember that all light magnifies and brings closer, while dark ones shrinks and recedes. Apply some light concealer to the area around the lips, or add a few strokes with a white pencil. Blend thoroughly. This will allow you to draw extra attention to your lips and add volume to them.

Step 2

Outline the lips with a contour pencil one to two millimeters above your natural contour. It is not necessary to protrude too much beyond the lip contour in order not to become like a clown. Use a pencil in the same shade as the lipstick or gloss you will be applying. If you have narrow lips, connect a line at the corners of your lips. To make the outline look more natural, blend it with a lip brush.

Step 3

Using a brush, apply lipstick from the middle of the lips to the edges. Then take a pearlescent gloss and drop a little on the middle of the lower lip to create the visual effect of fuller lips. If you are only using gloss, then when applying it also pay attention to the middle of the lower lip, adding an extra drop for more shine.

Step 4

Permanent makeup can also be a great opportunity for you to plump up your lips. In addition, with its help, you can correct their shape.

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