Preparing Facial Skin For Makeup Application

Preparing Facial Skin For Makeup Application
Preparing Facial Skin For Makeup Application

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It would seem that there is nothing difficult in applying makeup on your face. However, the result largely depends on what kind of preparation was carried out before applying it.

Preparing facial skin for makeup application
Preparing facial skin for makeup application

This may surprise some, but preparation begins in the evening before bed. First, you need to get rid of the traces of old makeup with a micellar lotion or makeup remover. Then you need to use a cleanser.

This is followed by a deeper cleaning. Which means to use at this stage is an individual matter, since different types of care are required for different types of skin - masks, scrubs, etc. etc.).

In the morning, you need to use a toner, lotion or micellar water, then use a moisturizer. After complete absorption, apply makeup. It is also recommended to use a make-up base, thanks to which the used products will form more even and natural.

Initially, it is necessary to hide all the flaws - inflammation, dark circles under the eyes, etc. For this, a corrector is used. Then the foundation is applied. It can be foundation, mousse, solid foundation, or just powder. The latter can also be applied additionally to the foundation. The layers to be applied must be thin, otherwise you will get a "mask" effect.

There is also a special base under the shadow. What is its functionality? First of all, care and protection of the thin skin of the eyelids. In addition, the shadows and eyeliner lays down better when using it and the makeup lasts many times longer, the shadows do not roll.

These are the basic rules, following which you can achieve perfect results before applying makeup. In addition, one more result will be achieved - the skin of the face will be softer, healthier and smoother. The most important thing is to do the listed procedures daily.

In case you do not plan to apply makeup on any day, for example, on a weekend, which is spent at home. Procedures for the night (except for washing off cosmetics) are repeated, in the morning it is also necessary to use a tonic or lotion, and then apply a moisturizer to the skin. No more procedures are required.

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