How To Do Eyelash Correction

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How To Do Eyelash Correction
How To Do Eyelash Correction

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Extended eyelashes can make the look of any woman attractive and mysterious. But, unfortunately, such cilia are short-lived and require timely correction. So how do you do this eyelash correction?

How to do eyelash correction
How to do eyelash correction


Step 1

Immediately before the correction procedure, it is necessary to remove absolutely all cosmetics from the eyelids, and rinse off mascara very carefully from the eyelashes. If you wear lenses, it is recommended to remove them during the correction. In addition, it is undesirable to curl the eyelashes about 2 days before the procedure.

Step 2

Then you go to the salon, preferably to the same master who performed the extension. This is recommended because if the specialist is competent, then he has already managed to study the features of the structure of your eyelashes and the nuances of working with them.

Step 3

First of all, the master must conduct a thorough examination of the eyelashes. After all, they are updated within two to three weeks. During this time, old hairs fall out. New ones grow in the free space. Since each natural eyelash was glued with an artificial one, it falls out along with its own. It is the number of dropped eyelashes that a specialist should evaluate. For each grown eyelash, you need to build up a new, artificial one. This is the essence of the correction procedure.

Step 4

The master should use the same glue for the procedure that was used for eyelash extension. If this glue is no longer available, then you need to choose another one of the same quality. In addition, you must first make sure that the client does not have allergic reactions to this adhesive.

Step 5

After taking into account all these subtleties, you can proceed directly to the correction. The procedure itself is quite simple. Then, if you used Japanese extension, then using tweezers, each eyelash is applied to the natural one and fixed with an adhesive. If the eyelashes were extended in bundles, then the correction is performed in the same bundles.

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