How To Get Straight Arrows On The Eyelids

How To Get Straight Arrows On The Eyelids
How To Get Straight Arrows On The Eyelids

Video: How To Get Straight Arrows On The Eyelids

Video: How To Get Straight Arrows On The Eyelids
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The history of drawing arrows on the upper eyelid began in ancient Egypt. Egyptians, both men and women, used arrows to make the eyes look like a cat's, since the sacred animal in this country was the cat. Now the arrows have lost their ritual meaning, they help to give expressiveness to the look and add charm. It will take some skill and some little tricks when applying makeup to keep the accents on the eyes perfectly even. It is also important to choose the right and quality cosmetics correctly.

How to get straight arrows on the eyelids
How to get straight arrows on the eyelids

What cosmetics do you need to draw arrows?

  • Liner (felt-tip eyeliner). Easy to apply, the line is straight and crisp, but dries almost instantly and it is difficult to correct application errors.
  • Liquid eyeliner. To use it, you need skill, it allows you to draw almost any patterns on the eyelids.
  • Eyeliner. Hard pencils are for fine lines, while soft pencils are suitable for lines without clear boundaries.
  • Corrector. With its help, it will be easy to correct mistakes that appeared when applying makeup.
  • Mascara. Helps to complete the look of makeup.

Several ways to help you get straight arrows.

Method number 1 - Light makeup

For natural make-up, thin but expressive arrows are suitable. They should be applied along the edge of eyelash growth, this will allow you to get a straight line. You will need to slightly pull back the upper eyelid and bring the eye in with small strokes, while everything should work out continuously.

Method number 2 - Cat's look

You will need a simple teaspoon. The handle of a spoon is applied to the outer corner of the eye at an angle and, as if a clear line is drawn along a ruler. The rounded part of the spoon must be attached just above the resulting line. It is necessary that the lines converge in a curved triangle, then you just need to paint over the free space.

Method number 3 - Strict look

For a classic straight arrow, you need a small piece of plaster. It needs to be glued at an angle close to the outer corner of the eye. It is important not to touch your eyelashes so as not to accidentally pull them out when removing the patch. It remains only to draw a line of the desired length along its border.

Method number 4 - Template arrows

In advance, it is necessary to prepare a template with the desired shape of the eyeliner; thick paper is suitable for it. This template can be used more than once, just apply it to the upper eyelid and carefully sketch the outline.

Method number 5 - Arrows using shadows

On the upper eyelid, it is necessary to apply shadows of a natural shade, then draw a thin line practically along the growth of the eyelashes. If a straight line does not work out, then it is easy to correct it with a cotton swab. If you apply dark shadows on the drawn line itself, it will help to keep the makeup for the whole day.

Method number 6 - For beginners

If you are not sure that the arrow will turn out to be even, then you can draw its outline of the desired shape with a light pencil. Then you just need to draw over the drawn details with a darker pencil or eyeliner.

These simple tips will help give the look an expressive touch, and give its owner charm and sophistication.