What Makeup Looks Good In The Photo

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What Makeup Looks Good In The Photo
What Makeup Looks Good In The Photo

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Narrow, narrowed eyes, tired skin, thin lips and a fuzzy face contour - all this can often be seen in a family photo album. The camera notices the slightest flaws in the makeup and multiplies them by 10, as a result, photographs of even the most unique image do not live up to expectations. The correct approach to makeup is the key to excellent results and good mood.

What makeup looks good in the photo
What makeup looks good in the photo

It is necessary

  • - a set of makeup brushes
  • - foundation in three shades
  • - blush of cold shades
  • - sculpting tool
  • - eyeshadow
  • - gel or liquid eyeliner
  • - light pencil
  • - lipstick or gloss


Step 1

Preparation is an important step. The preparatory "work" can be safely attributed to the correction of the eyebrows and the preparation of the lips. Why preparatory? Eyebrow shaping can result in swelling and redness, so creating an attractive shape should be done 3-4 days earlier.

Step 2

Even the most expensive lipstick or gloss will not give an even finish on lips that are full of cracks and dryness. Reliable helpers in solving the problem will be a lip scrub, which gently removes peeling from delicate skin, and a balm that has a healing effect.

Step 3

Facial tone is a key factor in determining the outcome of the entire photo session. It is necessary to choose the color of the foundation in daylight natural light. Too light base will make you painfully pale, and dark - will visually age. To correct the face, you will need at least three shades of foundation. Apply the product to your skin tone on the entire face, use a lighter shade on the back of the nose, in the area under the eyes, on the chin and forehead, apply a dark shade on the cheekbones and face contour.

Step 4

Perform cheekbone correction with a taupe shade, it is universal and suitable for any color type. Highlighting the cheekbones, draw a line under the cheekbone, but not lower than the natural depression that forms when the cheeks are pulled in.

Step 5

If the photo session is held indoors, use a more intense blush in cold shades, applying them to the "apples" of the cheeks.

Step 6

When choosing shadows, be guided by your own color type. A win-win solution would be shades of golden, coffee, chocolate shades. Repeat the shadows of the upper eyelid well blended with a brush in the eyeliner of the lower eyelid, otherwise you may get the impression that the eyes have an irregular shape.

Step 7

If you are using eyeliner, focus on the upper eyelid. Control the length of the tail of the graphic arrow with your eye open. This technique helps not only to correct the shape of the eye, but also visually makes the eyelashes thicker.

Step 8

It is worth bringing the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid only if the eyes are rounded. Otherwise, use a light (not white) pencil shade.

Step 9

You can add volume and length to your eyelashes with false eyelashes. If you glue the eyelashes only on the outer corner of the eye, you will get the "fox" effect that Angelina Jolie seduces so much. Don't go overboard with mascara on your lower lashes, it can look like an unattractive bruise in the photo.

Step 10

In the design of your lips, give preference to matte lipstick in a light shade. Apply a small amount of gloss to the center of the lower lip for a more seductive lip.

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