Is It Permissible To Paint Nails In Different Colors

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Is It Permissible To Paint Nails In Different Colors
Is It Permissible To Paint Nails In Different Colors

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Manicure using varnishes of different colors is currently very popular. Today it is perfectly acceptable to paint your nails with varnishes of opposite shades.

Is it permissible to paint nails in different colors
Is it permissible to paint nails in different colors

Using varnishes of different colors

A couple of decades ago, women preferred to paint their nails with varnishes in red, orange, pink shades. At the same time, it was highly desirable that the tone of the varnish coincided with the tone of the lipstick. This manicure was considered a classic. The use of varnishes of extravagant shades, as well as the coloring of nails in different colors, was considered a sign of bad taste. Today it is not only quite acceptable, but also very fashionable.

Modern women very boldly combine shades of varnishes at their discretion. At the same time, the technology for performing manicure can be different. For example, it is currently very fashionable to paint 4 nails of one hand in one color, and the fifth nail in another. With this technique, you can emphasize the beauty of a modest ring on your finger.

It is also permissible to highlight the nails on 2 fingers of one hand with varnish of a different shade. In some cases, a manicure is also appropriate, in which all nails are painted in different colors.

Choosing a shade of nail polish

In order for a manicure to look truly elegant and bright, you need to correctly select shades of nail polishes and be able to combine them with each other.

Currently, it is permissible to use both complementary and opposite colors. A manicure, in the creation of which varnishes of different shades of the same color are used, looks interesting, but the combination of varnishes whose colors are located on opposite sides of the color wheel looks really bright. For example, purple varnish will very favorably set off greenish enamel.

Young and bright girls can afford a combination of black and white varnish. More mature ladies can be advised to choose less daring combinations. The so-called gradient manicure looks very interesting, in which the nail of each finger is painted with a varnish of a less intense shade than that of the coating that was used to paint the previous nail. You don't have to buy five different shades of varnish for this. You can purchase a product of one tone, as well as a special product that will help dilute the varnish, while reducing the intensity of the selected shade.

In the summer, you can afford bolder color combinations in your manicure. It should be remembered that when painting the nails on the hands in different colors, the pedicure should be quite calm. Better to paint your toenails with varnish of the same shade.

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