How To Change Your Facial Expression

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How To Change Your Facial Expression
How To Change Your Facial Expression

Video: How To Change Your Facial Expression

Video: How To Change Your Facial Expression
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In a person, his inner state can be understood by his facial expression, unless, of course, he consciously wants to hide his raging emotions. At the moment, it is assumed that such a relationship may be reciprocal. Otherwise, if you want inner harmony for yourself, try to give a neutral expression to your face. If you want everything to sing in your soul - smile. The shape of your eyebrows will help you change your facial expression.

How to change your facial expression
How to change your facial expression


Step 1

Be guided by personal preference when changing the shape of the eyebrows. But cosmetologists advise you to analyze how such a procedure can change the expression on your face. Facial expression is significantly influenced by where the outer corners of your eyebrows look and what shape they will be.

Step 2

If you want to create trust and seriousness, then the outer corner and the base of the eyebrow should be in line. Such an even shape of the eyebrow will give the face poise, intelligence, thoughtfulness and help to expand the visually very narrow face.

Step 3

A tired and sad facial expression will give eyebrows if their outer corners are looking down. They also visually lengthen the face. Such eyebrows are quite rare.

Step 4

A slight surprise and mischievous expression will appear if the outer corner of the eyebrow looks up. This makes the look gentle and a little naive. Therefore, this direction is more suitable for a woman than for a man. The owner of such eyebrows looks younger, and the face visually lengthens.

Step 5

Pay attention to the shape of the eyebrow. It also affects facial expressions. If you give the eyebrows an arched, rounded shape, then this will soften the face with sharp and pronounced features. They will get lost on the face of a person with soft features. Having settled on this form, do not pluck your eyebrows too much, otherwise you will get the image of a lady of the Soviet Union from the 60s.

Step 6

If you want the eyes to become expressive and the face to be younger, then give the eyebrows a beautiful "break". By nature, this form is not given to many, but it is worth fighting for it, tk. it is considered more fashionable, profitable, and most importantly - natural. In addition, such eyebrows can help balance the face with any imbalances, if they are not strongly plucked.

Step 7

If you are modeling straight eyebrows, then carefully look in the mirror, because if you can't pinch an eyebrow a little, then it will turn out to be very wide, and others will have the feeling that you are looking at the world gloomily and sullenly. Straight eyebrows are ideal for people with a narrow face. Thanks to this, you can visually expand it and balance a large nose or heavy chin.

Step 8

If you want to take a chance and give your face the expression of an eternally surprised person, then the shape of the eyebrows should be triangular. In other words, make your eyebrows "house". Such a choice is ideal for those who have an overestimated corner of the eyebrow in the center and the musculature of the eyelids suggests this. In this case, this shape will fit well into the overall facial expression.

Step 9

If someone does not want to experiment and take risks, then give preference to the classics. Rounded smooth eyebrows are universal and visually do not practically change the expression on the face. Thanks to this shape, you will slightly rejuvenate the face and will be able to open the eyelid.