How To Dye Your Eyelashes

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How To Dye Your Eyelashes
How To Dye Your Eyelashes

Video: How To Dye Your Eyelashes

Video: How To Dye Your Eyelashes

To make the look even more attractive and expressive, the fair sex goes to all sorts of tricks. One of the main ones is eyelash coloring. Long, fluffy eyelashes can be obtained with the right coloring.

How to dye your eyelashes
How to dye your eyelashes

It is necessary

  • - Mascara
  • - paint for eyelashes and eyebrows, oily cream, cotton swabs


Step 1

You can change the color in two ways - dye your eyelashes with mascara or permanent paint. Let's first look at coloring the eyes with mascara. First, you need to decide on the color. The classic black color will suit almost everyone, although blondes can be recommended to use a lighter paint - brown or gray, the makeup in this case will look more natural. However, it is better to focus on your own preferences and the image that you need to create.

Step 2

How to paint. The most important thing is not to put the mirror directly in front of you and not look into it with wide open eyes, otherwise the eyelash prints will remain on the upper eyelids. If the mirror is in front of you, tilt your head back a little so that your eyes are slightly covered, or place the mirror on a table.

Step 3

Dye the upper lashes first, then the lower ones. Sweep the mascara brush over your lashes slowly so that the mascara is evenly applied and the lashes don't stick together. Apply the first movements from the lash line to the tips, from the bridge of the nose to the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 4

Let the first coat dry. If necessary, apply a second coat, gently spreading the mascara over the lashes. And finally, you can comb your eyelashes with a special brush.

Step 5

Eyelash dyeing with long-lasting dye is sometimes more convenient than painstaking daily makeup. It is possible to dye eyelashes only if there is no eye disease. In no case do not dye your eyelashes with hair dye, it is more aggressive, and the skin on the eyelids is much softer than the scalp.

Step 6

To dye your eyelashes at home, you need paint, greasy cream, and cotton swabs. Dyeing more than once a month can cause eyelash loss and conjunctivitis.

Step 7

Clean the eyelid area with makeup remover. Without touching your eyelashes, apply the cream to your eyelids. Use a cotton swab to gently apply the color to your eyelashes. Do not keep the paint longer than 15 minutes. Wash off the paint with soapy water.